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It hasn’t been long since the release of EXO’s train wreck of a song, Wolf. In the hopes of clearing up their mistakes, they’ve returned with their follow up promotions for their latest song Growl. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out below! 

Korean Version

Chinese Version

The Video: Let us all take a moment to growl in anger (see what I did there) at seeing yet another music video shot in another box set. SM Entertainment’s artists seem to be forever trapped in their tiny little boxes, never to see the light of day. So as for the set, there is absolutely nothing to say. In regards to the dance, it’s not as ambitious and interesting as the dance for Wolf but it’s still good in its own right. It matches that groovy vibe of the song and there are quite a few interesting points in the dance that caught my attention. One of them being the dance where one member stands in the center while the others dance around him. It happens twice, once for the rap where the other members danced on their knees, and the other is for the chorus building up to the end of the song. Also, if you pay very close attention to the members in the back of the dances, you’ll see them stealing each other’s hats. The boys all look pretty good with the exception of Luhan’s pink hair. You’d think that they’d try to make him look more mature due to his unfortunate baby face making him look like a twelve year old but they decide to give him pink hair. Now, I don’t want to seem like I’m a Luhan hater or anything but the way he stares at the camera near the beginning of the song is creepy. His pink hair just caused me to stare at him at so many points in the video that I had a hard time focusing on anything else.
I'm 23 years old! Promise!

The Song: Part of the reason I didn’t review this music video right away was to let it marinate overnight to get a good feel for it. Because it is so painfully obvious that Growl is a much better song than Wolf, I didn’t want to go crazy and review Growl as “the best song ever!!!” only to regret it later. Right off the bat, I was pulled into the song with the way “sexy” was whispered in such a smooth manner. The rapping was solid and so were the vocals. However, nobody’s voice specifically stood out to me but I suppose I could throw Luhan fans a bone (since I ripped on him so hard earlier) and take a moment to appreciate how exceptional his singing was at the section where the song slows down. There aren’t any unnecessary parts of the song that drag it down and the song isn’t erratic and confusing like some of SM’s other deadly concoctions.

Overall opinion: To my surprise, this is actually a solid song despite the music video is boring and uninspired. I’ve listened to this song way too many times to count (for the purposes of this review, of course) and I haven’t gotten tired of it yet.

Tell me what you think of the song below.

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  1. I agree the song is about a billion times better than wolf. the MV is a little disappointing in that they're in a box but since there's going to be a drama version ill forgive them for that. but what I don't forgive the video for is the flashing light, there was a point were I was watching the video and the flashing light was really bothering me. nevertheless growl is a really catchy song and is definitely worth the listens.

  2. The flashing lights didn't bother me but I can understand where you're coming from. I know a few people who have problems with lights flashing like that because it can make it hard to see the motions of the dance.

  3. There was a flashing light?! I didn't even notice it... I was too engrossed in Luhan's hair, I guess.

  4. Luhan being older than I am was one of the biggest shocks of my life...

  5. ikr. He looks like he's 16 at most... how the hell is he 24...?

  6. Exactly!! SM knows this and they're definitely using him as noonabait XD


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