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Global superstars? Maybe. PSY and G-Dragon got complimented by the most popular kid on the planet right now, Justpot wanting to collab with 'em and saying G-Dragon is talented. As translated by allkpop:

excited to get to Korea to perform on October 10th. Maybe u will see my guys @psy_oppa and @IBGDRGN. Get the bbq ready. #BELIEVETOUR

 the druggies are coming | meme Brace yourself
say no to drugs... unless you say yes

All I'm thinking to myself right now is how friggin' ironic it is how all three have been in drug controversies before and now, Justpot is up in arms with them.

It's only a matter of time before DMTN gets in on this.

they're fucking
So readers, do you want the most High High collab you have ever witnessed in your life or would you rather not take the risk of Justin spitting in your eye like he did a fan? You get free drugs (or hugs if you're a priss) if you comment.

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  1. I can't wait for the fan war between belibers and VIPs.

  2. The threat of a Beiber/Psy/G-dragon collaboration is pretty depressing. It's like when I found out that Soulja Boy is a fan of manga/anime (and made a depressingly terrible "rap song" about it) or Chris Brown being associated with T-ara N4 (a group that I don't even like all that much).

    I don't want obnoxious celebs like Beiber, Chris Brown or Soulja Boy (or or Nicki Minaj) being associated with mediums that I enjoy (like K-pop and manga/anime), and I most certainly don't want any of their musical vomit anywhere near the K-pop scene.

    Besides, I am still trying to recover from those G-dragon/Flo-rida and 2NE1/ collaborations...

  3. Wow, I never knew Soulja Boy was a fan of manga/anime. You learn something new each day!
    The Chris Brown and T-ara N4 thing was just a no. I can't even explain my feels towards it in words because it was just a major face palm.

    I hope it's not true. But then again, it seems like it might happen since G-Dragon collabed with (as you said) Flo Rida and Missy Elliott, PSY has been around everywhere so naming all the collabs or mentions or whatever would make my fingers fall off and it seems like if Justin would tweet it, he really means business.

  4. My response to anything remotely Chris Brown is always a big, fat NO!

    I've kinda given up on the possibility of Psy NOT collaborating with terrible western artists after announcing a collaboration with 2 Chainz, but I pray that G-dragon has the good sense to not get professionally involved with Beiber.


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