Posted by : KPopRanter September 27, 2013

When you think of T-ara, what's the first thing that comes to your head?
Boram's fucked face?
Bunny Style?

Now you have another thing to think of "DEY STEELIN' DA PAWER OFF NAIN" thanks to their announced comeback, Number 9, the number obviously only able to be used by Girls' Generation so if children want to learn how to count, they have to skip this "copyright" number and if they want to be funny, they have to tell a different joke since you can never tell the "Why is Six Afraid of Seven?" joke EVER AGAIN.


On a serious note here, I know a lot of you guys are supporters of T-ara especially after the bullying scandal. Death threats, petitions of disbandment and their fake tears on Beatles Code getting to your appendix and hurting you inside. But let's be honest:

The shitstorm has been going long enough and it hasn't gone away or ended yet. Everything they do or say is hated on and they've been prohibited to gain fans for so long, even getting a Black Ocean on top of their efforts and getting hate for their sub-unit, T-ara N4's song, Countryside Life, when honestly, the song was on the same level of their loved tracks Lovey Dovey, Day by Day and Roly Poly and was the utter shit.

Why are they still... trying?

They can go on the top of charts but group's rely heavily on their fanbase and even one of their most popular members, Hyomin, has fell behind of B.A.P's Zelo in Twitter followers. When is enough really going to be enough? When will the hate and inability to regain their status from before going to get to them and they finally hang up their sashes and just... be done? 
Retire?  Give it a rest?

This isn't meant to be malicious but it's just: when you see the hate for them almost everywhere, you get a bit tired of seeing it. I mean, to most Koreans, they're done for and even though they're great in Japan, their not like KARA level to where they can fall back there. They've lost a lot and frankly, Core Contents Media's shits have obviously already been given away.

It's over, there's no chance of recuperating the group and you and I both know it.

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