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Probably one out of every twenty fans of Korean music have even given a chance to it's less popular internationally yet more popular nationally sibling, Korean Indie. They like the rampant beats, the auto-tuning of inaudible voices and of course, they like the bodies that even the person who has the body couldn't achieve without the amount of Photoshop, make-up and of course, plastic surgery that they have received. 
Of course, Korean Indie is an amazing genre, holding huge artists that have even shone some light internationally like Busker Busker and Park Ji Yoon, brilliant and harmonious beats coming from their instruments and pure talent as well as actual meaning to the words they're saying being released. And because we actually like Korean Indie and it should be glorified a little more, we're shining light on one of our favorite Korean Indie groups, Love X Stereo

Love X Stereo consist of expert members that have more than a decade of experience in what they do, their talents growing with them and their sensitivity to music following along. Releasing music that's authentic, electronic and based on alternative and punk rock sounds of the 90's and pop sounds coming from the 90's, they are becoming an interest in South Korea. Not only do they compose and produce their own songs, but they're also a group that's currently unsigned yet continuing their journey for world domination in North America.
They're already performed at CMJ Music Marathon in New York City, MidPoint Music Festival in Ohio, M.E.A.N.Y Fest in New York City and Canadian Indie Week in Toronto (Canadian fans, you are not left out) and have been around in Washington D.C, Chicago and Detroit.

With their tracks which often confuse the Korean audience due to their fresh and new beats, this phenomenal group has been gaining respect and interest from all sides of the indepent Korean music scene, continuing to captivate the hearts of the "expat" (foreigners living in Korea) and oversea community with their new style of music "alternative dance"

Some of the bands influences include:
New Order, The Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Sound Garden, Flaming Lips, The Chemical Brothers, Prodigy, Massive Attack, Alice in Chains, Oasis, My Bloody Valentine, Weezer, Bad Religion, Ramones, U2, Led Zeppelin, ACDC, Apollo440
, Nine Inch Nails and Radiohead.

Special Preview Link (Please do not share. This is just a demo.)
Lose to Win (from the new EP <GLOW>)

Band: Love X Stereo
Label: unsigned
Genre: alternative/electro/rock
Nationality: South Korea
Influences: electronic, rock, alternative and punk music, especially from the 90s
Debut: Dec 28, 2011

Official EPK:

Remarkable quotes:
“Some great music here, has a real unique and distinctive sound! A good mix of indie rock and electronica and punky pop. Has been recorded well, pretty good vocals!” (Stuart Epps)
“Indeed, one readily detects everything from Smashing Pumpkins, U2 and My Bloody Valentine to classic ‘60s girl-group, spacey ‘70s Prog and poppy ‘80s nu-psychedelia in the band’s sound – check, for example, signature track “Soul City” (aka “Seoul City” for a sleek sample of the impressive instrumentation and vocalist Annie’s sensual croon.” (Blurt Magazine)
“Love X Stereo – Rocking in the Shadows of ‘Gangnam Style’” (Music Zeitgeist)

Love X Stereo is a 3 piece South Korean electronic rock band. Love X Stereo infuses electronic elements to their original alternative pop, punk rock vibe to create new authentic sound. Love X Stereo is all about experimenting new sounds, new music and new visions. Despite the fact that many genres aside from K-pop are being completely excluded in the harsh environment of Korean music industry, its consistency in creating well-produced, visionary music continues to attract global attention.

Annie (Lead Vocals, Keyboards and Synthesizers): former vocalist for Skrew Attack
Toby (Guitar, Backing Vocals, Producing): former bassist for 18Cruk, former bassist/guitarist for Skrew Attack, performed as No Brain session member
Sol (Bass, Backing Vocals): former bassist for Airbag, former bassist for Skrew Attack

Key dates, episodes & festivals:
May. 2012 - Opening gig for Asobi Seksu (USA) @ Rolling Hall (Seoul)
Jul. 2012 - Jisan Valley Rock Festival @ Jisan Forest Resort (Gyeonggi-do Province)
Sep. 2012 - RockDo Festival @ Yeouido Floating Stage (Seoul)
Oct. 2012 - Opening gig for The KDMS (UK) @ FF (Seoul)
Zandari Festa ‘AWEH’ Bloc Party @ Freebird (Seoul)
Dec. 2012 - NYE 2013 (ski resort festival) @ Welli Hilli Park (Gangwon-do Province)
Mar. 2013 - “Soul City” P/V receives more than 60,000 hits on YouTube in less than a week
 “Soul City” featured in NYLON TV KOREA ad
May. 2013 - IFX Festival @ Incheon Deokjeok-do Island
July. 2013 - Performed at MBC TV music program ‘Nanjang’

Demo album <Buzzin’>, December 2011 – title song: Ocean Breeze. 4 tracks included
1st EP album <Off The Grid>, October 2012 – title song: Soul City (Seoul City), 3 tracks included
Collaboration work with Korean pop artist ‘The Jack’ and DnB artist ‘J-Path’ scheduled for release in July, 2013
2nd EP scheduled for release in August, 2013

Upcoming tours:
North American tour (Sep—Nov)
MidPoint Music Festival (Cincinnati), Canada Indie Week (Toronto), scheduled to perform @ Viva Radio YouTube live session (NYC), scheduled for interview @ East Village Radio (NYC), other Korean film festivals and gigs happening in New York
Sep 27: MidPoint Music Festival @ Know Theatre, Cincinnati
Oct 1, 5: Shillelagh Tavern, Astoria
Oct 9: Fontana’s, NYC
Oct 11: RAN, Brooklyn
Oct 12: Parkside Lounge, NYC
Oct 15–19: CMJ Music Marathon
Oct 24Nov 2: M.E.A.N.Y. Fest, NYC
Oct 16–20: Indie Week Canada, Toronto
Oct 21: Jammin’ Java, DC
Oct 27: The Delancey, NYC
Oct 29: Small’s, Detroit
Nov 3: Elbo Room, Chicago

Contact information:

Annie Ko
Phone: +82-10-7118-3076
Skype: lovexstereo


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