Posted by : KPopRanter September 29, 2013

There we go.
Previously recruited sex-dol, IU, who lost about all her fans through her picture with Eunhyuk on Twitter is now coming back and taking the course that she has no choice but to: mature comeback. As hinted by LOEN 'emselves, they noted that her comeback song will be about a young girl who is maturing to a lady and will apparently be somewhat acoustic, the juvenile yet nearing her mid-20s brunette releasing a teaser photo for a comeback holding a guitar and wearing an awkward, trying-to-be-sexy face. Of course with news of the comeback, there is also backlash: thousands of netizens pulllng out their virtual pitchforks, their flame-engulfed torches and their keyboards will LOEN begins pursuing a petty rumor-starter yet everyone questioning IU's career.

So while I'm still sitting here, watching the shit storm unravel, I'm really somewhat just curious as to how this'll turn out. 

It's obvious through the teaser that she looks like a young girl who found her mother's clothes and put them on but it sounds like she's going to attempt challenging the standards of the incredibly conservative society of South Korea that brought her downfall to begin with. And with the extremely harsh standards for girls when comparing to guys when having to do with sex scandals or dating scandals, the girls getting all the blame while the guys basically getting off scot-free, I'm really unsure if she could at the very least remain at a decent level of popularity in the long run.

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  1. I'm excited tbh. Her aegyo stuff did nothing to me. Only Mia exists. Prove me you're done slaving for commercial purposes, IU, because they stomped on you damn hard when that picture came out.

  2. I feel like the song's going to be awesome (I think that's her song in the teaser, but I'm not sure) , but the music video will just be you know, horrible. I'm already starting to feel second-hand embarrassment from the teaser.
    I think IU needs more time to transition into the sexy-mature concept, considering she's been doing cute for YEARS. Like I can just imagine a WTF face the entire way through the music video.


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