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Welcome to your newest weekly playlist of all types of songs from groups that pump out my personal favorite songs and still enjoy to this day. Each week I will be bringing you a list of 5 songs that I recommend you give a quick listen to from a certain group or artist so that you may expand your own personal Kpop playlist, starting with 4minute.

4minute isn't the most popular group in the world of Kpop but I will say that they are one of my favorite girl groups to date (with the inclusion of Brown Eyed Girls). They are known for their quirky, electric, and charismatic sound and have released hits like What's Your Name and I My Me Mine. And without further adieu, I bring you the first of many My Playlists. 

1. Mirror Mirror (거울아 거울아) - 4Minutes Left (2011)

Admittedly, Mirror Mirror isn't 4minutes best song but I thought it deserved a mention despite it's low budget music video. This video is what helped me realize that I loved Gayoon (I was leaning towards her before but the sparks flew here) as well as Jiyoon (who I already loved before), and how awkward HyunA now makes me feel. At that time, the other two still remained nameless in my head.

2. I My Me Mine - Hit Your Heart (2010)

This is absolutely my favorite song released by 4minute and possibly the best they will ever release (you never know though). I My Me Mine has an amazing flow to it, an addictive bass line, and an extremely catchy chorus. I have probably listened to this song over 100 times and it has yet to grow old. The music video isn't half bad either.

3. Black Cat - Volume Up (2012)

This particular song was from the album Volume Up and was never featured as a title song but is still excellent in its own right. Black Cat followed that dark vampire-like theme of the album perfectly, seeing that they were vampires or something like that in the music video for Volume Up. Unfortunately, I cannot say that this is a better song than Volume Up but it's still good.

4. Domino - Name is 4Minute (2013)

Yet another song that was never featured as a title song. Domino is what I believe to be the best song in 4minute's latest EP Name is 4minute with Gimme That following suit. Unfortunately, neither of those songs were featured as their comeback song of the year. In my opinion, it would have been much better for them to use either of those rather than What's Your Name instead of following the trend of disjointed and confusing songs. I find that Domino has a very excited feel to it that can easily get you up and dancing to the beat.

5. Volume Up - Volume Up (2012)

This is the song that actually got me to start looking into 4minute further. I've heard some of their songs before but Volume Up was kind of the spark I needed to fall in love with them. It turned out not to be my favorite song by them but everyone still needs a little Volume Up in their life. It's a solid song with a sexy saxophone instrumental that seems to never grow old. The music video had a very high budget and you can tell from the scenery and the designer clothing that they're wearing. If only they utilized that budget to make an actual plot line and not the confusing mess they slapped together.

Honorable Mentions
  • Muzik - For Muzik
  • Hot Issue - For Muzik
  • Ready Go (Japanese) - Ready Go
  • Dream Racer - Volume Up
So, my fellow 4nias, do you have any suggestions as well? Comment below!

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  1. I hated "Wash Your Name", but otherwise, 4minute has one of the best song catalogs of any K-pop group, IMO.

  2. I agree with you on so many levels. That's why 4minute is one of my favorite groups. I just wish they weren't so underrated. What's Your Name was a terrible song but it did them some good at least because they were winning shows and topping the charts like crazy with it.

  3. Mirror, Mirror is really an awesome song. It never grows old on me... : )

  4. Huh is my favorite 4minute song and video. I can never get tired of that song!
    I actually really liked whats your name........ I don't know why people always complain that the song's freaking addictive!!!


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