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Brown Eyed Girls have always been my personal favorite when it comes to female groups. Over the years, they have released hits such as Abracadabra, Sixth Sense, and Cleansing Cream. Of course, their discography is quite extensive since they’ve been active since 2006. To help narrow down the options that I have to choose from, I’ve decided to exclude any solo songs and main singles released over the years. This means you may not have necessarily heard of any of these songs but I highly recommend you give them a quick listen. Keep in mind that these are in no particular order.

1. After Club - Black Box (2013)

This is actually my favorite song on their most recent album, Black Box, which I already wrote a review on shortly after it was released and my thoughts on the song remain the same:

It has a beautiful ebb and flow between a softer, more subtle tone into the energetic chorus.Miryo’s raps have this interesting rise and drop in intensity that reel you in and get you addicted to the distinctive sound of her voice. Narsha and JeA absolutely crush their vocal flourishes and the addition of Ga-In’s smooth breathy voice works perfectly with this type of song.

2. Glam Girl - Sound G. (2009)

Glam Girl is a soulful, upbeat kind of song. The beginning quickly builds up into something quite energetic after starting off rather low key. This is one of those types of songs I listen to when I'm looking for something to lift my mood (I actually have a whole playlist dedicated to that alone). It's not my favorite BEG song ever but it's still an excellent song.

3. Vandetta - Sixth Sense (2011)

Vandetta immediately starts off with a strong brass instrumental that lets you know that this is a high energy type of song that will get your blood pumping. There's even a break in the song where the tempo increases dramatically into something even more bombastic until it slows back down to the main tempo of the song. Other than Sixth Sense itself, this is one of my favorite songs on the album.

4. Bad Girls - Little Mom Scandal OST (2008)

I know, it seems a bit odd to add a song from a drama OST. Normally I despise most soundtracks to any drama because it’s so overtly melodramatic and dripping with that boring ballad tone. However, I somehow let this one slip through the cracks and after I heard it, I couldn’t believe it was from a drama. It’s sexy, catchy as hell, and almost makes me want to watch the drama it originated from because of how much I like this song.

5. Triangle - Leave Ms. Kim (2007)

Triangle is the song I chose to slow down this playlist a little bit with it’s calming melody. Interesting enough, I have a friend who is a non-Kpop fan that is in love with this song which is partly why I added this to the playlist. The song starts off with a flute melody that song builds on and it's actually quite beautiful.

Honorable Mentions

Good Fellas - Black Box
Mystery Survivor - Black Box
Candy Man - Sound G.

And many others.

If anyone else knows of any songs released by Brown Eyed Girls that they love and wasn't featured as one of their main singles, let me know below!

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