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Let's pretend we're 10 years old again (well, if you're above the age of 10) and let's dig up that sacred and treasured thing that's been growing mold, dust and simply old that we haven't touched or even heard of in years nor even remember how to operate correctly--our imaginations. 
Well, seems easy enough. 
Now let's put it to the test and simply imagine we are the CEOs of the largest entertainment company in South Korea, SYJ Entertainment  (SMYGJYP named mixed together, guys) and are in the process of producing the next big thing. With that thought still in mind, what would you have yours be like--themember count, the name, the concept... the works? 

My idol group would be like one of my favorite co-ed A capella groups, Sonos (what? don't judge me) however, without the co-edness. It'd be a girl group consisting of seven members, this group focusing more on vocals than choreography and having talent weigh a bit more than visuals (though both matter a lot). Lee Fly Hi'd be in my line-up, me, loving her from the beginning--her appearance K-Pop Star--and thinking she'd be bad-ass with her deep, dark vocals in the group. 

Next would have to be Ladies' Code's Sojung since I loved her from The Voice, too, and she was actually Lee Hi's vocal trainer therefore, would have extremely fitting vocals to go along with her extremely fitting face. Next, I'd have RiSe from Ladies' Code in the group, not watching the show but telling she already had a bit of a fan following from the show, The Birth of a Great Star. Because I feel like Ailee and Hyorin'd be too good to stick in groups, I'm pushing them off despite their vocal talent... YG's ex-trainee of prior line-up for YG's upcoming girl group Euna Kim in there cause I think she'd be a great singer and a rapper as well as YG's other ex-trainee May Doni cause she rocks at it everything. Lastly, there'd be SPICA's Jiwon and Wa$$up's Nari with extreme vocal training just cause I need seven members and am too lazy to think right now. After the line-up, the girls needed a debut so instead of shit tracks, I'd lay it down and give 'em Lee Hi's Rose (remixed so it sounds fucktastic), Wonder Girls' Me, In and maybe GLAM's In Front of the Mirror for a triple title debut (bow down) and some other badass songs like Miss A's Goodbye Baby and Lips, Wonder Girls' Stop, Ladies' Code Won't Cry and Bad Girl and more to ease themselves in the best album K-Pop has ever seen. Of course, Zico'd produce our songs alongside good ol' Park Jinyoung and Yeeun composing and shit. After a fantastic year of fucktastic-ness--them appearing in shows all round and gaining fans with their supreme visuals, they'd smack shit up with TaeTiSeo's OMG and Brown Eyed Girls' Kill Bill which'll leave everyone out of their seats. Oh no! The girls are too rambunctious and scary? Throw them some Girls' Generation's Star Star Star and 2NE1's Lonely for ballads to fap to at night cause bitches love ballads.

By the way, if you couldn't tell, they're bad-ass so their group name would be like B.ASS (lame? don't care) so no one who can't speak English would suspect a thing. Lastly, totally random, I'd have TaeTiSeo, Infinite and Ailee & Hyorin (duo like Davichi--fuck solo careers) as my other acts in the company and in family concerts we'd fuck the stage up and G-Dragon'd be the co-CEO, B.A.P are trainees, TOP is an actor, EXO-M & K are my Chinese-money makin' bitches (only one is made for the Chinese market? Not anymore), KARA'd be my Japanese money-makin' bitches and everything'd be perfect and we'll live happily ever after with Heechul.

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