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I don't normally review rookie idol music videos because if I did, I would have no time to actually do anything else but rip on your everyday flopping rookies. However, Ladies' Code has been on my mind all year since the release of Bad Girl and the song itself is actually on my list of top songs of the year. They released Hate You as well not too long ago and I missed the chance to review it, which is sad because I had much to say about it. Luckily enough for me, Ladies' Code has graced the world of Kpop with the release of their third single of the year, 예뻐 예뻐 (Pretty Pretty). If you haven't seen the video yet, check it out below!

The Video

Let's play a game called "What drug influenced this scene?"
I guess LSD.
Theme/Story: There isn't much of a story at all here because the video focuses on a more quirky, dreamy type of theme that reminds me a little bit of B1A4's What's Happening? with the odd recording speeds and bright vivid colors. However, a lot of the sets left me thinking "wtf?!" such as the one where the one cat began spawning everywhere throughout the room and stared straight at the "camera". It's also really strange that all these extremely tiny men are running around and doing their makeup and whatnot. What kind of drugs were the directors on when they made this video?

Visuals: I really don't have anything negative about the visuals but nothing too positive either. Of course they all look good but the only two members who really stand out to me so far are Ashley and Sojung (who is my main bias in the group at this point).

I don't know what it is about this dance that captivates me so.

Dance: The dance is simple and cute and matches the rhythm of the song perfectly. There aren't many points that stand out specifically but that might be because Ladies' Code decided not to establish themselves as a group that does any heavy dancing routines. Their focus remains on the vocals and visuals. However, the parts with the hip sways, for whatever reason, I just enjoy watching immensely. Maybe it's the quirky camera speeds, or the way it blends in with the rhythm of the song, or maybe it's just Sojung and everything mystical about her. Who knows?

The Song
I mean look at her. Damn.
I am in love with everything that comes out of main vocalist, Sojung's mouth. She has a unique, husky voice similar to that of Lee Hi's, both of which you'll rarely hear in the world of Kpop. The rest of the group have a more smooth vocal tone which makes Sojung's singing stand out even more. Other than that, the lines are pretty evenly distributed between each member which helps make sure that each member stays relevant. 

This song is the type that emphasizes confidence and natural beauty. Two members get their own round talking about themselves and point out at least one of their flaws and make it into something positive or make light of it. For instance RiSe brings up her pronunciation and Zuny brings up her unique eyes (which can be considered not as desirable because she does not have double lids). Part of me sees this as the type of conceited, brag about myself type of song and another sees it as a proclamation of self confidence. The interpretation will differ between person to person so take it as you will.

All in all, I think the song is fantastic. It's energetic, funky, and quirky. I especially love the brass instrumentals (if you want me to fall in love with a song, make sure it has wind and/or orchestral instrumentals. It's almost always definite.) and the 80s groove throughout the song. 

So what did you guys think? Is Ladies' Code on their way to becoming a highly successful group? Tell me your thoughts below!

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  1. Ladies' Code seems to be the most well-received rookie group this year.

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