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It hasn't been too long since the release of G-Dragon's MichiGo earlier in the year. Not too long ago, he was swept up in a scandal involving the whole "black face" controversy. YG attempted to calm the situation down by claiming that it was for a music video and it just so happened to be true. Now, in the hopes of creating something revolutionary, G-Dragon has released the music video for his latest song Coup D'etat. If you haven't seen the video yet, check it out below. 

The Video

Theme/Story: There is a lot going on with the video that I may not be able to fully interpret without seeming like a dolt. So I'll try to throw out what I can and hope that it's close to the mark. Near the beginning, we're shown a child looking up at this pedistal with his fist over his heart as though he is paying tribute to someone. Spliced into the scene is a shot of GD in the same pose, presumably looking back down at the boy. I believe that this could be him paying tribute to both his future and his past in his career. There's also a lot of mask symbolism which usually is utilized as a way to show that things are not what they seem and underneath the mask is something more that you may never get to see with your own two eyes. This could be GD talking about his true self because his career keeps him holed up and trapped (there are quite a few scenes of him seeming trapped such as the cylinder compound he cannot leave and the electric chair). Near the end of the video, you can see his decaying form throwing a rock to break down the walls of what I'm guessing is the stone cylinder that GD was in at the beginning. Afterwards, he pulls off the fake skin to reveal who he is underneath. The message here is pretty clear. I feel like there is a lot more that can be taken from this video but I don't even know if I can really interpret it all. I suppose that is the magic of GD and his creativity. After watching the video a dozen times, I still cannot fully understand what is going on yet at the same time, I know that there could be more to this that I have failed to process fully. 

Visuals: GD's hair in this video is quite... interesting, I suppose. Part of me is really digging it while another part wonders how he is supposed to look good with hair that reminds me of a cockatoo that doesn't give a f*ck. Then again, GD could actually be a cockatoo parading as a human. Below, I provided the unbiased proof of what GD looks like in his natural habitat. 
Giving a fuck

Not giving a fuck
Personally I see no discernible difference other than the hair
There is no dance. Moving on.

The Song

I personally, am not a huge fan of anything with too slow of a slow tempo. There's also the fact that slow style rapping is extremely hard to pull of without sounding dull or dragging everything out too much. At first, I was leaning towards hating this song and I was almost dreading listening to it on repeat while I figured out how I truly felt about it and to decode it for this review. Over time, I began to like the song a little more with each listen. I'm still not in love with it but I do have an appreciation for it. I think the song, video, and lyrics all come as a package deal because without the balance between the three, the song would fall flat, the lyrics would sound like your typical "everything I do is better than you" style of rap, and the video... well the video would still be confusing as hell, there's no changing that. 

I think this is when his inner cockatoo shines the brightest
Overall opinion: I think if you take it as a package deal, it is a fantastic music video and song. However, I don't think the song is good enough to do well without the music video to keep my interest. 

So what did you think? Do you agree that it's only good with everything combined together? Or do you actually like the song on its own? Comment below!

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