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So apparently, yesterday was Korea's national dating day, a plethora of couples revealing they've been dating for times mostly ranging from a year to a few years and their significant others usually being fellow celebrities. With the numerous dating scandals appearing, one of them was by far the most shocking to me and stood out to me the most as not a relationship scandal but rather just a sex scandal Sulli and Choiza, the pictures of the two as seen below:

My verdict? Guilty.
Choiza got laid.
Sulli got her probably already popped cherry (that promiscuous feline!) fondled with again. Netizens have another reason to hate her.

I mean, in the night, Sulli was wearing white pants and a denim shirt and in the morning, unless that bitch really loves that outfit so bought two of the same one, she appears with a white pants and denim shirt.

Walk of shame much?

To add to the brutality, Choiza recently revealed that he recently broke up with his model girlfriend of six years two months ago. Now if what he's saying is true and he's a heartless son of a gun who has no time to cry or recuperate afterward or is a two-timing skeeze, then Sulli and him couldn't be dating... or at least not for long.

They just got drunk and fucked. 
No hard analysis (though I just analyzed it a lot) or plot twists involved.

What's funny is that SM is giving no shits to their artists unless they're like Girls' Generation level. Their dumb press release that Sulza are like brother and sister is as worthy as the 'IU WAS SICK AND SHIRTLESS BOI CAME TO SAVE HER' excuse and they have to know it. I mean, if SM really cared, they'd delete the articles like they did Yoona and Kim Soo Hyun. But no, they've just been letting Sulli HAVE IT ever since her Cao Ni Ma days... which weren't even that long ago. And honestly, she's losing fans for her and her group like mad, should close her mouth, legs and just reflect.

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  1. Amber tweeted "oh no" yesterday, and deleted that tweet immediately


    the pic of them drinking was from a different day though. and she does really like that outfits, she often wears it because it's a fan gift

  3. yep they're definitely dating and she most likely got the D cause.... well he's an older man he's not going to stick around if they're just going to hug like children.

  4. Oh shnaps.
    But honestly, I kind of feel bad for the other f(x) members who really do nothing. Amber's hilarious and awesome so I wish she didn't have to kinda... go down with Sulli :/

  5. Are you sure it's not edited on, though?


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