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To start up the controversy about a month ago, f(x)'s Sulli was caught using Chinese profanity on the popular SBS television show 'Running Man', a show that's watched by a large demographic (both children and adults) and obviously didn't support that kind of behavior... or at least didn't support it when the media outlets blew up about it and the channel issued a warning for that small mishap. Later, during Rum Pum Pum Pum promotions, Sulli again was pushed into the spotlight for something negative, people giving evidence that her recent 'leg thinning' wasn't anything natural and instead the work of carboxy shots, her, nor her fellow group members being able to soften the blow when they revealed their supposed 'plastic bag' diet, netizens throwing shit at her for trying to cover up the procedure with a flimsy exercise. Now, only a day ago, Sulli is under heat again with her fellow, constantly-ridiculed-for-her-behavior member, Krystal, not only for being emotionless and 'fake' on the show Radio Star, but also for still not apologizing for her Cao Ni Ma swear, pretending like it was nothing especially when Kyung Min mentioned it (perfect opportunity for her to at least say something about it) and well, just not being that fun to watch.


To start, it seems like Sulli didn't learn from her T-ara unnirs who waited a whole year to apologize for their bullying scandal only to see their group crash down in flames without anyone to believe them nor give them even an ounce of sympathy. Sulli and a little bit of Krystal seem to be taking the same course, leading f(x) into the hole of despair the Core Contents Media shining stars have gone down, simply with their actions--or lack of actions. Because SM Entertainment released a statement towards this saying that Sulli was simply "cracking a few jokes" with the Running Man cast which seems legit yet, most netizens more-or-less dwelling on the facts that she still didn't apologize, these wounds simply just grew larger and larger... unmanageable and unable to be healed at this point. 

Likewise, there's no path she can now take without even the slightest bit of hate--if Sulli apologizes now for the Cao Ni Ma incident, people will get at her for waiting too long, not giving a humble or genuine apology since she was being egged by netizens to do it, however if she doesn't, Cao Ni Ma will forever be implanted in her record, brought up with every single article mentioning her name like is being done now.

Honest Thoughts about It

Genuinely, I think SM Entertainment has pulled stupid moves however, this one has to be among the stupidest. Instead of fucking around, playing Starcraft in their office and providing weak statements, they should have just made her apologize from the get-go like they made SHINee's Onew do when he casually and nonchalantly flipped the bird on Younha's Starry Night radio broadcast. In fact, I feel like the quicker it's apologized for, the faster people forget about it, me, actually not remembering both of Onew's mishaps (motherfucker hat a few days after his middle finger scandal) until sitting down and writing this article. At this point, there's no going back for the group (i.e. f(x)) especially being that people already somewhat dislike Krystal because of her never-ending attitude scandals and now, the face of the group growing distaste and being added onto the roster of f(x)-members-we-don't-like. Both of them have among the largest fan followings in f(x) and with their mistakes are most likely losing or at least prohibiting not only them as individuals but the whole group from gaining more.

What Should She Do to Fix It?

Is there anything to be done to fix it completely? People never forget (most I-netizens try to say it's only K-netizens but let's be honest--we're all human beings with long-term and short-term memory) and especially now that she waited so long to cover up the wound, it's simply getting worse and worse. I think the only reason why she's getting dug into so many scandals are due to the root scandal and her lacking in signs of regret. What actions I feel like she actually should take right now are apologizing (it's kind of too late to soften all the blows however, it'll at least let people to know she has a heart), covering up her obvious carboxy shot scars and then going on variety shows and being the best damn Sulli she could possibly be, smiling as 'real' as possible, laughing as 'real' as possible and well, avoiding any words that are negative or derogatory because... well, we all know how that goes.

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  1. As if it was her choice not to apologize... SM wanted to cover the scandal as fast as possible, an apologize would only put the whole issue in the spotlight even more

  2. Did you read or are you just venting your frustrations due to the hate you see all over the interweb?

    There's nothing here signifying that it was her choice or not... in fact, one part even is saying that SM should've made her apologize: "they [SM Entertainment] should have just made her apologize from the get-go"

  3. just venting frustration :(

  4. It's like nietzens go through monthly phases on which celebrity they should hate. This whole thing was blown out if proportion.
    If she quickly apologized then things could have died down quickly.

  5. Errbody loves hating yo!


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