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After "graduating" from After School (secretly due to her old age) and fucking them up, Kahi finally revealed that she's making her comeback with mini-album 'Who Are You?' soon. As translated by allkpop:

Kahi will be releasing her second mini album 'Who Are You?' on October 10th.

If her first mini album was her first step as a solo singer Kahi, then this album will be one that showcases the various charms of artist Kahi.

Let's be honest here for a second:

Does anyone really give a shit anymore? 
Or are you just pretending you are because that's what the majority is going for?

I haven't been much of a fan of After School and when Bekah left, Kahi became my favorite by default. But since Kahi left After School when she was beating expectations of the other girls, she lost some of that... pizzazz, you know?

What I find ironic is how Pledis thinks they're sly by titling her album  'Who Are You?' since everyone's going to be saying the exact same when she comes back. Even though she took numerous pictures from the nursing home dungeon to keep us 'updated', let's just let it all out, be one hundred percent honest with ourselves, fanwars and delulu Kahi stans aside and ask:

Do we get brownie points if we pretend to care?

Like really, Post-School Kahi fucked the group up as mentioned before and also fucked up herself, the indefinite hiatus being her worst poison. Maybe, if Pledis wasn't stupid and provided the care that I lack for Kahi as well as I'm sure many of you, and made her comeback RIGHT AFTER she left After School when the water was still hot, she could've made a better impression but now, the water isn't even hot nor cold--that shit evaporated faster than her youth  frankly, it has no regrets.

What's your thoughts on said Kahi comeback? Awesome or also asking "Who Are You" to this strange, unheard of specimen?

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  1. It seems like the age of solo tries lately so if Kahi chooses her songs appropriately she'll do decent. No Ailee level, just.... Kahi level. The timing is a bit off, it took her aaaages to come out solo properly. I can see already all the ajumma comments from netizens ready to tear her down :/

    Tbh Kahi holds 75% of After School's charm for me, as a casual listener. Me still listening to AS is just... technicalities right now.

  2. I care...and all the other devoted After School fans and Kahi fans. Why are you speaking so negatively already? The album isn't even out yet, jesus. And when Kahi was still in After School, she definitely got her name out there. Nana and Uee are just known for looks and to be honest, love all members but Kahi was the center focus. Ppl say After School and Kahi is one of the first to pop up in mind, she was a great leader and a really nice person. Who cares if she's past 30? There are plenty of artists past 30....

    BTW, to all your haters out there, the album is named "Who Are You?" for a specific reason (and not the one the author gave), the title means "Who are you to judge ME?!"

  3. First off, I used the "old" thing jokingly. It's obvious Pledis kicked her out of AS because she was old so I kiddingly said "Nursing home" and so on.

    And second, this isn't a place where I'm all chipper and excited, you can read that on the FAQ where I state that not everything that I say will be to the most positive and fake extent. I'm saying my sentiments so please, give us a break.

    "BTW, to all you haters out there, the album is named "Who Are You?" for a specific reason (and not the one the author gave), the title means "Who are you to judge ME?!"" I'm not sure if serious or joking since I was CLEARLY joking.

  4. The whole context of your blog made it sound really negative, i didn't say everything I read had to be positive. But...Saying that nobody gives a shit anymore is pretty offensive when it comes to a fan like me. So I'm just saying, really? Just because she's not as popular as other artists, you're gonna say nobody gives a shit? ALL this negativity I'm getting isn't making it better with the "jokes" your putting out there. And you said she FUCKED up AFter School? THat's more offensive than ever, knowing she did everything for After School and she was the one to bring After School to where they are today. You wanna tell ME, she fucked up After School. Extremely offensive...

  5. After School undeniably took a hit after she left.

    Regular ppl say: I am worried for Kahi. She's been gone for a while. I wonder how ppl will like her new album because she is up against so many ppl for Oct

    You're all like: Pfft this girl is out of the game. Like who cares about her? She done. Her career is over. Nobody remembers her anyway.

    That's extremely far-fetched, to be honest and quite over-exaggerated. First off, who are you judging regular people by? "I am worried about Kahi" that sounds like the perspective of solely a fan. I have seen her frequent updates of her abs through her SNS sites so I know she's not dead yet. No one other than fans are thinking like that so to say "regular people" isn't accurate. If you're thinking that, say so and don't cover it up with a huge population of people who frankly, probably aren't the same. And I never said once "she's done. her career is over. this girl is out of the game" nor was there implication of that and all there was were probably the second and the last sentence of the quoted.

    The first example would make you sound sincere, the second example, which is kinda what I got from reading your blog. It sounds like you're teasing her instead. If I've mistaken, tell me, okay, case dropped. But just READ what you wrote from the shoes of a hardcore playboyz/playgirlz

    I really don't understand this jumble of rhetoric but what I think you're trying to present is: Let's shove everything down your throat. You want me to give optimism and a great pat on the back to something that in my eyes isn't that... great since of course, you have got to be in love with After School so of course, it's got to be great. I'm not that kind of person and frankly, I don't have extreme biases towards groups so I can't bullshit what I think nor am I one of those bloggers who's like "Kahi is sexy UNFFFFFFF. CAN'T waITT". I'm going to be honest--when Kahi left After School, I was looking forward to her comeback right then and there similar to how when Hwayoung left T-ara, I thought she was gonna comeback immediately so I was waiting. Now, years passed and the care and "YOU GOOOOO KAHIIII!!11" feeling is gone. Am I supposed to cover that up with false words in my blog posts which simply let me present my thoughts and emotions towards a specific subject which isn't always going to be peachy, clean and in your opinion, correct?
    Of course, there will be times I'm wrong but please, understand that negativity, sarcasm and hyperboles are how I get my opinion across. If you see this from a harsh perspective, fine. Not all of my posts are for people to fall in love with because not all of my posts agree with the general opinion. I'm like a hipster.

  6. Okay, ur point is understood


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