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Signing with newest record label, Seven Seasons, Block B put a small tiny glimmer of hope for still loyal fans who have been waiting endlessly for their hiatus to end. Of course, we all should be well aware that the seven Nanrina-ing boys were in a Thai controversy that definitely just left them at the position of weakness with hypocritical Drunkhun as basically the commander of the hate parade. Then, when things were looking... maybe not bright but not as dark and dreary .. the blow became calloused and they were again swept in controversy, this one, the lawsuit and suicide of ex-CEO, Block B getting all the blame and being accused as murderers for that cheap son of a gun's own actions. Now, as mentioned before, Block B is back, teasers being released and fangirls nipples erect. And though it looks very bright in their future for optimistic die-hards, it's obvious that without enough oil to fuel the flame, Block B's light will not be bright enough.

They're seven talented men, have released an amazing teaser for their newest song, Very Good, and are able to take the world on single-handedly. However, with their first, Thai scandal which was cleared up much much later (Block B pulled a T-ara) than should have been through another, contract scandal that they got in, the public definitely won't see them as worthy. Sure, other groups like Big Bang and... well, Big Bang, were able to get into crazy scandals that have left their popularity unscathed yet there's a huge difference between those five guys who've debuted in 2007 under YG and these seven guys who debuted under We-Only-Have-7-Dollars Entertainment: 

Their fan base.

A group needs a fan base in order to survive the thick and thin. They need people who will stay with them until the very end whether or not they cut off their legs or eat their own shit because those crazy ass people will do the exact same and more. But when Block B lost their respect with the scandals, they were in the process of gaining a fan base and therefore, didn't have that big of an amount to begin with, and then with their scandal that no one understood until it was far too late and they already shoved the guys off as arrogant and ignorant pricks before they could get even an ounce of understanding or sympathizing.

And though this seems like this only applies to the past, the chance is that many Koreans (the market that really matters for Block B) are still thinking it and taking them as rascals since well, that's what they're most known to be.

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