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This is a going to be a quick review for a quick cover of All I Want for Christmas Is You

The song:
First of all, Lee Hi rocked this whole thing. I don't understand why YG Entertainment didn't just make this a Lee Hi song and be done with it. It was perfectly fine all the time whenever she sang and not to mention, her punctuation was almost always on point... as usual. Park Bom, I love you, but damn.

You were just not made for this song. 

Whenever she sang, it sounded like half of her mouth was open. I'm not sure if it was because her punctuation was decent for a Korean but wasn't outstanding or maybe all of it, her mouth being half open and her punctuation being meh was because of her face but either way, I really did wish Bom wasn't in the song. She more or less ruined it.

Her singing wasn't all bad as people are making it out to be, though. It was mostly the shitty punctuation and stroke-sounding singing. And also her sounding kind of nasally. And her voice not matching the song as much as Hi's.

The music video looked basic. Why the hell were their heads stuck in bushes? Why were their sitting it seats looking as if they were statues? Why wasn't it as creepy looking and cool as the initial video teaser? Why was this so outrageously boring?

I still can't answer any of these questions and will continue to resent this sub-unit 'debut' until these are answered with logical responses. And I'm sorry, this has to be one of the worst things YG Entertainment has released in all time.

To sum it all up in five words or less:
This sucked. Don't watch it.

What did you think of the sub-unit debut? Comment below!

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