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So as you all should know, JYP Entertainment, better-wise known as Sinking Ship Danger Zone Entertainment has recently released that they will be debuting three groups next year, one group being a 6 member girl group and the other two groups being male groups, one of the groups apparently containing the much loved and full of potential by themselves sub-unit, JJ Project. After the clear disbandment of Wonder Girls, their past pride and joy with Sohee's quick get away from the group and Suzy of Miss A clearly being one of the only reasons JYP is still afloat (JYP released the obvious that Suzy increased JYP's sales by 30%), JYP is now looking for other ways to pick up the loot and get back their position in the Big 3.

But is it worth it?

In my opinion, it's surely worth a try. But in the end, I don't think much will happen if they're trying to regain their position back in the big three. Sure, they could or could not get a considerable amount of popularity in their new groups if comparing with the popularity of current rookie groups but it probably won't be enough. With that kind of management, I doubt they'll be able to replace their old pride and joys Wonder Girls and 2PM in which they threw away so quickly.

EXO rose up with random sasaeng controversies, their album containing Growl and of course, the power of SM Entertainment.
WINNER rose up with their song, the huge promotion and of course, the power of YG Entertainment.

But what will JYP's three new groups have?
Oh right... an unstable and inconstant company to back them up.
One that can't even work with their newest groups and artists, 15&, Baek Ah Yeon and JJ Project even though they had huge potential (especially 15&, with Park Jimin in it, winner of the popular show, K-Pop Star).
One that couldn't even keep control of their previous national girl group, Wonder Girls, before it got thrown away.
One that can't even promote Miss A even though one of their members is one of the most popular females in Korea right now.

Let's see how this turns out.

What do you think of JYP's groups? Love it or hate it?

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  1. The "sub-entertainment" Big Hit that was founded by Bang Si Hyuk (JYP's composer) seems to be doing better than JYP. They toke over 2AM, debuted GLAM and Bangtan Boys (BTS) and Jo Kwon seems to be doing amazing there. Sunmi had a good start but I feel like its a one time thing for a little extra cash. I hate that he's throwing away Park Jmin (seems she got the short end compared to Lee Hi whose already being called Super Rookie). He always seemed to favor himself when it came to promoting. He's got too much on his plate to balance.

  2. JYP is currently in a position where he needs to start working on the future of his company, and that includes debuting new groups and furthering the careers of established acts. So debuting one or two new groups within the next few years seems prudent.

    However, with JYP's current acts either being all-but-dead (Wonder Girls), heading to the military within the next 2-3 years (2pm), established but neglected (Miss a) or just plain neglected (15&, JJ Project, Baek Ah Yeon), JYP should probably start focusing more on his current acts and realize their potential, before he starts debuting groups left, right and center. JYP has lots of talented acts, they are just painfully neglected.

    And yeah, as fumithechuube has mentioned, Big Hit seems to be a much better at managing their acts than JYP.

  3. You're so right, JYP has so many talented people, I would dare to say much better than the other two big companies (as an overall of course not talking about specific people), in both singing (2AM) and dancing Miss A, 2PM), and they DON'T APPRECIATE then enough!!


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