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It can't be just me who thinks this--the lack of quality for the more recent songs as well as the constant female outlet of going "sexy" aka wearing barely any clothes then singing a song about how much they wanna get boned that night being more than just tiresome for a lot--that the K-Pop I once knew and loved is starting to become a bit... bland?

The new groups are starting to be harder and harder to keep up with, especially being the fact that with about all of them, there's really nothing that differentiates them from the group that comes out a week later.
The older groups are becoming more tiresome to keep up with. Them, starting to disband one by one (first it was KARA, then it was Wonder Girls... who's next?) and them only having comebacks once in a blue moon with shitastic songs that are barely even audible.
And not to mention, the fanbases are becoming stupider to keep up with--most big fanbases having at least a thousand fanwars per minute, fighting about who's oppar or unnir is better when in reality, both are still pretty irrelevant and untalented in the world's eye.

But I truly can't be the only one who thinks that.
Do you, readers, think the same thing?

Let's start a conversation below in the comment section, stating your reasons why!

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  1. I don't think that it's getting boring. Groups like Bestie and ladies code are Rockies that have good music coming out. But I do have to agree that too many girl groups are coming out with the sistar concept. Except that they just take it to the next level of awkwardness. When sistar does it it's classy and clean but I just feel like all the girl groups are coming out with that concept trying to grab some quick cash.

  2. I see a pattern of "hip-hop" boys groups and, tho I appreciate the eye candy, it bores me to death! I feel the same about the endless retro sexy comebacks by girls groups. I think there's still hope in artists like TVXQ who changed their style into something different and fresh and released a great album, "TENSE", and also solo artists like Kim Ye Rim and Lee Hi (even if they are not considered k-pop).

  3. The current trend for sexy concepts among girl groups is very noticeable, especially after the sudden success Girl's Day enjoyed with "Expectation" last year... and it seems like groups like AOA, Dal Shabet and Rainbow Blaxx are desperately hoping to achieve the same kind of results with their recent comebacks...

  4. I agree--after Block B and B.A.P., all of these boy groups who continue to show how powerful and strong they have just seem repetitive. I mean, I'm not gonna lie: I truly dislike boy groups acting cutesy and singing about how much they would like noonar to sodomize them with bananas and carrots however, is there not another concept that groups can go for? That's why I like HISTORY though they're not that popular cause they don't follow the two extremes--the "bash your head in" concept to the "I'm 24 but let me act like I'm 6 to get some dough in my pocket"--and rather, go for a more neutral feel.
    Well, of course. Kim Ye Rim and Lee Hi are considered some of the newer artists so they still have a lot of time left. TVXQ on the other hand? It would probably depend on whether or not they want to continue going on and on and not settle down or have a life past cameras and tight pants.

  5. I wouldn't say groups are totally coming out with the SISTAR concept and more of the... just generally sexy concept? I mean, SISTAR does wear short clothes and do "racy" dancing (racy depending on your tolerance to Hyorin spreading open her legs and singing about how much she wants the D tonight) but I feel as if groups aren't following SISTAR but more like just following the current trend.
    Kinda just like if you live in America and you see a bunch of girls wear peplum tops. You follow the trend so you can look like those bunch of girls and buy a peplum top.
    It's simple bandwagonning which companies think is good marketing, too. But when there's an overflow of the same exact thing, it turns boring.

  6. True. I think the quality of the music reached an overall low around last year to the end of 2012 in my opinion and now it's starting to slowly yet surely climb it's way back up.

  7. I agree with your article but, out of curiosity, which songs are considered to have made kpop quality go up last year? Because I didn't really see improvement.


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