Posted by : Camy A January 08, 2014

I came across this article in Tumblr, and it was the perfect starter for me to rant about a very serious issue that I wanted to rant about for a long, long time.

For those too lazy to read, it details the list of felonies an alleged Sasaeng had committed against various k-pop idols. Now, this person is not your average breaking and entering stalker, no, she is in fact the author behind the infamous DBSK's Yunho Glue incident.

If you don't know what that is, I will explain it to you: This girl added glue to Yunho's coffee, as an effect of the consumption, he was rushed to the hospital where he had a seizure that may have killed him.


Let me repeat myself:  This person was criminally charged, and she was going to be judged by her felony.

But, the victim decided to drop the charges, out of pity.

Now, while I don't condone Yunho's decision of not pursuing the case, and SM Ent lack of security, I also think that the parents of this girl, after what she did, should have sent her somewhere where she wouldn't be a danger to herself and those who surrounding her but instead, let this incident past; furthermore, she continued doing it, committing several more crimes against idols - including attempted murder - and no one is stopping her.

My questions are the following: How is this person still free? How is possible that Korean Authorities don't do anything about the lack of legal personal boundaries? What are they waiting for? Why companies are not doing something about it?

How is possible, in this day and age, that something like this can happen and no one does anything about it?

This is what happens when people brush sasaengs as nothing but a bother; when companies sell their artists as toys, as things that can be bought, therefore can be own, and therefore can be thrown away or be broken if the owner as much wants to.

This is what happens when people get dehumanized and objectified for profit.

Because Idols aren't the same as us mortals, because being an idol implies being ideal, someone who can be worshipped; someone who is perfect in every way, and therefore doesn't have needs, because we only crave things when we don't have them, so what could possibly want someone who had it all?

If they are so perfect, then they don't need sleep, or eat properly, or have meaningful relationships.

They don't need a break, they don't need to part from that life.

They don't need protection, or privacy.

They are just there to dance, sing, and look pretty because fame, looks and money is all, isn't?

What if they get some issues with some overexcited fans? No one got permanently injured, no one died, all the sales got up so just let keep marketing them as something and not someone.

Let make one thing clear though: This is not a 'the thug life chose me, I didn't choose the thug life' sort of situation, and there are indeed several perks of being an idol; but, and there is a big but here... The sort of precarious privacy (if you can call it that) and the lax security is what should be changed.

 If Companies want to cause this level of fanatism/cultism/fetishism for K-pop Idols, at the very least they should make sure that their assets are kept safe and unspoiled.

Which as I see it, it's not going to happen unless someone drops dead, literally.

To paraphrase a wise man: 'You know what worship means? It means to love,  unquestioningly, and uncritically. So fans don't even know them, but they love them. Unquestioningly, and uncritically.'

And so people can hate - unquestioningly, and uncritically - too.

I sincerely hope though, we don't  have to bury someone for this situation to change.

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  1. omg i totally agree with you. Check out my similar post at www.weebill123

  2. all i can say is that this girl, and whoever does shit like that, is fucking crazy and should be put in a mental health hospital for the sake of themselves and everyone else. to think that someone like that was released after almost murdering several people is just terrifying.
    i'm also surprised some idols are (to say it honestly) stupid enough to accept food from fans. sure, there are fans who are really giving them food because they care and shit, and it's rude and hurtful to say no to them but an idol should still put his health over everything else. that's what i would do. if the fans truly love their idol, they wouldn't mind and would understand.


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