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KARA. A group which has been most known for their previous (but not initial) member line-up consisting of Gyuri, Hara, Jiyoung, Seungyeon and Nicole have basically been torn apart with the leave of their rapper and their youngest. They have been under DSP Media since their debut in 2007 with the lesser-known song, Break It, and reached their height with Mister in 2009 which topped charts and basically gave the girls their national popularity. 

However, every group has to fall from their height, and though some can argue that they were already gradually decreasing post-Mister era, we can all agree that they have reached their rock bottom with the member change, as noted above, Nicole and Jiyoung saying their 'goodbye's early from the group and leaving KARA as three instead of their powerful five.

With what some call the money-hungry company shadowing the five after their split in half, they have had their eyes on repairing the group and replacing the two lost with two gained, starting a reality show entitled, the KARA Project, for eager fans to shit themselves watching and voting on who really is eligible out of the seven candidates to be in KARA. And though this follows YG Entertainment's Who Is Next? program in order to decide which group to choose to debut--Team A or Team B (none of them debuted--this is a closer and more personal-type of competition as you can connect with the members more and see their talents before deciding.

All the videos of the contestants are located below, their order as follows: SoJin, ShiYoon, Youngji, ChaeKyung, SoMin, ChaeWon and YuJi.

Out of all seven of the girls, I would say all of them have some potential for some market that KARA targets. Whether it be South Korea in general, Japan in general, people who dislike the lacking of KARA's vocal talent, people who value dance and more and though many people do not agree, I would say that all of them would have not been picked if DSP did not recognize their qualities.

Before I start analyzing the girls, I want to note how I feel as if this program and member addition is somewhat betraying the fans... that they have left. I mean, let's be honest here. Their first member change in which they added Hara definitely wasn't as detrimental since:

1) KARA was considered a new group in my standards, anyway.
2) The member change wasn't completely detrimental as Hara did a lot for the group's popularity.
3) The member change wasn't exploited as much as this one

However, with the group nearly a decade in the run and on fast decline, having two girls added to the group is somewhat like pulling a Wonder Girls' and adding Hyerim only to have her be there for a tiny bit of time until Sunye took her hiatus and SoHee got the hell out of that sinking ship. Likewise, unlike what the other commentors are shouting about: "make these girls into a group themselves and don't add them to KARA!", I have no doubts that DSP has considered that however, the line-up, just from my eyes, didn't exactly work and they still had one ship still afloat, KARA, to at least attempt to mend onto before giving up. 

Therefore, long story short, I don't like this program however, it seems like it's the only option though the girls added would have a short duration in the group being that KARA is a sinking ship.

I already have your penises trapped in my gaze. Pick me.

In my opinion, the third girl, Youngji, caught my eye. Why? The same reason as everyone else. She's pretty. Let's be honest for a second: KARA is not the group to value talent over visuals and she seems to be impeccable in the visual department. She's even somewhat comparable to the lost member, Jiyoung, in visuals, therefore, I would not doubt if she would be chosen.

The first girl, SoJin, also seems like a doable condidate even though there is a chance that she probably will not get chosen. She seems talented and her visuals aren't lacking that much. In fact, she seems more like a down-to-earth kind of girl who, if she would not win because of her face, could possibly win because of the sob story she delivers on camera or her personality compared to the other girls who seem a bit less...authentic.

Likewise, the following girl as well as the fourth, ShiYoon and ChaeKyung, probably can as well. Their visuals aren't exactly up there with Youngji however, they looks talented and seems as if they can match both the cute and the mature concepts when comparing songs like Honey to Damaged Lady.

I'd doubt if the sixth girl, ChaeWon, aka the girl who looks like she's around eight years old would be chosen. I mean, she'd be great for a Japanese market but next to the other three girls as well as one of the candidates in a group? She'd look extremely out of place. Her immaturity should be delivered in a different group and although her confidence is shown in her walk, I have no other way to say this but she just shouldn't make the cut.

Girl number five, SoMin, seems one of the most out of place. Not only does she look somewhat like an old and less alien version of Hara, but she doesn't seem to be fit to actually be inside the group. She seems to belong to a different kind of group, such as SPICA, or at least if she is vocally talented.

Girl number seven seems like the most out of place. She seems to belong to a group that definitely is not KARA. Do I need explaining? I'm just thinking that if she was to be placed in KARA, she would stand out too much.


Lastly, I would just like to note that I feel KARA is reaching their end. The members seem to not have that much else going for them as they are reaching double digits. DSP Media already screwed themselves up by screwing up groups that had potential yet focusing on KARA like Rainbow and now has to suffer the consequences. With this member addition, it seems as if they are realizing that they are on a sinking ship and had made bad choices yet are trying to fix them... even though the problems are somewhat unfixable. In the end, I genuinely wish the candidates the best. They all actually seem to want to want the idol life and maybe have waited years to get it, this, being their last hope. Regardless, even if they won, let's be honest. How long would their fame last? 

Not very long.

What do you think of the KARA Project and who is your favorite member? Leave your comments in the best place ever... the comment section below.

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  1. DSP is such a crappy company imo. I would say that they should just make a new girl group, but I dont think so. They don't even promote Rainbow...

  2. 'I would say that they should just make a new girl group, but I dont think so. They don't even promote Rainbow...'

    The truth has been told.


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