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Better late than never, the-falling-from-their-height-after-goddess-Kahi-left group, After School, found themselves in a prolonged problem when the girls forgot to wave or acknowledge their fans during the Idol Futsal World Cup on MBC, having fans who waited hours just to simply see their faces in person (they're not even asking for much interaction, people!) being ignored and feeling rejected afterwards. Many attempts of the group members or even the agency to cover up the problem have been released in order to basically quiet down the fans and keep the group afloat (i.e. member Raina, Pledis Entertainment, even some delusional fansites). Regardless, no one is taking that shit to account and instead of being insane, many fans are either just letting go of the group because they feel as if the girls do not value them/lost their roots or doing that plus advocating revenge and shitstorm towards After School.

After School: Fooling delusional fans since 2009.

Nevertheless, though this matter does seem somewhat small, I want to take light to it because it actually should be taken into account more in the future. Something similar to this, the incident with Lee Jong Suk, an upcoming top star, happened just in March of this year, in which he simply ignored a fan who waited for hours with hopes to give her sole reason a present but he ignored her and pushed her away. Now with this incident happening, it even furthers illuminates the harsh reality for us fans that:

1) Idols are making money off of us.
2) Idols are starting to realize they are making money off of us.
3) Idols are starting to realize that the majority of us are delusional but are still a source of money.
4) Idols are becoming more cocky being that they are rich and we are ever-growingly poor (due to them) and are starting/already have began losing the care they once had for us in the beginning when they weren't as rich or known because they have grown into the mentality that we are the reason for their fat wallets.

But gladly, with this new incident, rather than the Lee Jong Suk one where people kind of just brushed it off, this one is starting to show idols that, hey, you can't treat people, especially people who make your wallets as big as they are, like crap. Fans are people, too and have feelings more matter how delusional. Even the craziest fans can turn their backs on you in an instant the second you do something wrong therefore, you must treat the people who are putting the food on your table with respect. Furthermore, it saddens me that there has not been more talk about this issue. No, not just bashing on After School, but the more in general, scheme of things. Even if we sit behind a computer screen all day looking at videos of you, they do have to realize that it is their job to not only sing, dance and act, but also to gain/withhold as many fans as you can in order to let you continue singing, dancing and acting because they make you rich.

Why has that not been implemented in idols' minds already?
That's the real question.

What are your takes on the incident? Comment below!

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  1. I have to admit I would feel pretty horrible too if I was ignored by one of my favorite groups/idols. However, I have long since realized that idols may not really care about our feelings and that's just the truth. I agree that it is their job to gain and maintain a strong following and if an idol can't do that, maybe the"idol life" really isn't for them.

  2. I say that what they did was pretty stupid

  3. I agree; idols don't care. You can tell by the decreasing interactions with fans and acting as if they're the "shit" all the time. I just wish that they knew when to at least pretend like you like your fans and when it's okay to ignore them and at this circumstance, it was appropriate. Contrarily, an airport setting or something like that is different (unless you're Jong Suk) since it's more common among idols to ignore journalists, fans and the like.


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