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As you all may or may not know, I have recently been getting into EXO since their song, Growl, in which the boys showed their inner animal. Now, EXO has released another music video, Overdose, in which the boys release their inner... bad boy (gosh, I hate saying 'bag boy', to be honest). If you haven't noticed by the title (only cool people get the reference), this comeback is definitely something that I enjoy, only adding on to my EXO fanship... even though I kind of don't want to be a fan of EXO. If you haven't watched the video, watch it below.

The song is intriguing. I mean, it is probably their best EXO song however, it's not that mind-blowing or life-changing that I simply will listen to it everyday for the rest of my life... Iggy Azalea's Fancy already stealing that position. Nevertheless, it's obvious that SM is giving their newest cash crop, EXO, the time of day with this track. What I was really impressed with was their English. It wasn't SM's usual, shitty English in which Super Junior has experienced to much of. Not only were the phrases not entirely irrelevant or incomprehensible, but also, the pronunciation was actually... pretty damn good. Not to mention, the rap actually was not half bad nor was the constant 'too much'.


The music video however...? Let me get this straight. The dance was fantastic. In fact, after the let-down Mr. Mr was in which the girls didn't even show their full potential in dance and just posed a bunch (save the dance break), I actually felt a extremely satisfied with this dance. Regardless, the camera was getting on my nerves. Sometimes the rampant changes in angles and zooming was appropriate then other times it was just kind of... annoying? redundant? stupid? It was cool and need to emphasize some of the dance moves and add extra effect but to be honest, some of the times, there was nothing to really emphasize. They just wanted to raise the viewers chances of getting a seizure even more, which I really did not enjoy.


This witchcraft voodoo shit I like

To sum pretty decent comeback, if I say so myself. I recommend you watch and listen to both the music video and the song (take caution with the music video, though) because it definitely won't be a waste of time. SM Entertainment finally did a great job with this one and I applaud the EXO boys for being so life-genic... especially Kai's hair.

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  1. you should do a review of the album! ^^ if you liked xoxo, then this album will just blow your mind... (or it might just have blown my mind just because i'm an exostan, either way it's awesome). The songs are really really good. I was amazed that SM could actually produce such good songs. Or maybe I just like R&B too much. Anyway, it's amazing and you should listen to it and please do a review. ^^


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