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March 2nd was such a glorious day for me. Not only did my favorite pop girl group, Little Mix, release their sporty single, Word Up, but one of my favorite Korean pop girl groups, 2NE1, released their music videos (yes, I italicized the s. There are more than one!) for their long-awaited comeback. You hate 2NE1? Fine. But you can't deny that after watching these videos, Come Back Home and Happy, your life wasn't significantly changed in some way. And because we all realize that that sentence is true, I felt like putting out a better late than never Two For One music video review, analyzing both 2NE1's most publicized video, Come Back Home, as well as their surprise music video, Happy, just because I feel like it.

Tell me honestly right now: I am not the only one who watched this music video more than once. Not only does it kind of remind me of Final Fantasy or some shit (I love FF; don't get me started), but I was kind of trying to decode what the hell all this virtual shit was supposed to mean without an explanation from YG Entertainment to aid me. Still clueless, I'm nonchalant about it since genuinely, I don't care that much cause this music video is the fucking shit. Am I the only one who shat myself when CL came in rapping or talking or whatever-ing from 1:51 to 2:16? She was beautiful. Don't even tell me that this girl is ugly after watching that part because I almost turned lesbian.

You're probably not into scat, but I bet you'd enjoy me shitting on your chest just cause I'm flawless.
In fact, all the girls looked beautiful in this music video and I can tell YG Entertainment spent a crap load of time on this, mother fucking masterpiece. Although, I'm not exactly used to Minzy's new nose, she looked sexy as hell. And that part Dara was all like "CUM, BABY BABY, CUM BABY BABY" and they went into all that Illuminati shit I was like bouncing in my seat! I've never had so much feels for a single music video maybe because 2NE1 music videos barely ever appear in the first place.

Final Rating: 4.5/5
I recommend you watch this video since if I give anything higher than a 4, you know that shit good. I suggest listening to the Unplugged Version, too if you don't like the big beat.

For starters, this was the video that nosy cameramen and paparazzi found Bom shooting for around a year ago. For seconds, Dara's hair looks like shit. And for thirds, this music video made me feel more uncomfortable than Happy at the first watch. Their outfits were a joke, they tried to act sexy, fierce and cute in one whole video which was supposed to mostly be cute and well, I just wasn't used to seeing 2NE1 doing shit like that.

Was the video bad? No. It reminded me of one of my favorite 2NE1 videos, Do You Love Me, because it was just so meaningless (I'm saying this in the nicest way possible) and fun. Was the song bad? No. It was really good, in my honest opinion and is definitely a song I could probably listen to when I'm sad similar to Girls' Generation's Be Happy. But I can't put my finger on it. Something is just off about this music video.

Final Rating: 3/5
Watch this video if you have a heavy stomach and can take Dara's fugly hairstyles.

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