Posted by : KPopRanter October 19, 2012

Arguably best Korean girl dance cover group who has been through competition shows like Superstar K and has grown a fan base through YouTube is finally debuting.
Their music video teaser and debut digital single is up now.

Coming from a Black Queen fan already who has been following this group for about 2 years, they did not impress me. The teaser was average, the song was not impressive... their debut is very generic. 

Though, I am waiting for the debut single, I have still have my doubts.

Their dancing is amazing, the synchronization is even comparable to groups like Infinite. I watched their Be My Baby cover Slow-Mo and even on Slow-Mo they were 100% synchronized. However, though their dancing is up to par, their singing isn't that decent. Even their best singer isn't that great, and the fact that they are debuting as a dancing and singing group makes this problem even more noteworthy. Also, the music video teaser looks extremely low budget, telling me that they come from a very bad company. And if you want to be more complex: a bad company means bad promotion and bad promotion means that this group will just fall in through the cracks and become one of the groups that are forgotten.
I honestly would not be surprised if they disappeared like most other girl groups that debut from a crappy company with a crappy music video and a crappy song... and it's a shame, because Black Queen is very talented in dancing and are very attractive women.

On a side note, I wouldn't be surprised in Waveya debuted.

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  1. Not feeling the song but they must have been preparing for a debut for so long! I prefer them uploading dance videos but I guess this must be something they love and want to do!

    Since you wrote an article on YouTube dancers, I was wondering about your view on my own one and whether you can share with others. I’d like more people in the J-Pop and K-Pop community to read and comment on:


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