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This issue has been picking at me ever since Girls' Generation released "The Boys". They arrived with a mature, different concept which finalized their transition from Girls Generation (lots of girls and frilly stuff) to 소녀시대 and told SONEs that the little girls you once knew, finally got their periods and turned to well-defined (and well-dressed) women. And after The Boys, Girls Generation made their Japanese comeback Paparazzi which not only shocked me, but shocked everyone in the K-Pop fandom. 

Girls Generation were finally trying something sexy.

Later, they preceded with yet another Japanese comeback of "All My Love is For You" which was mature, elegant and classy yet had a meaning to it. It was obviously not another SM Entertainment 2 dollar budget music video and was actually given some care into... not just another box in which they dance with close-up shots and far from synchronized (though SONEs persist) dancing. It showed that Girls Generation were growing up and they were supposedly leaving their "little girl" title behind... until...

Girls Generation released their Japanese Version of "Oh!" which did not have to be remade.

Luckily, it only raked in 10 million views as of now, so the millions of people who didn't watch this remake didn't have to sit at their computer screens, cringing and watching adult females, who do not possess any excuse to pretend to be teenagers and cheerleaders, try to perfect their second version of Oh!

These girls are not the same as before. They can try and try again, but their age will never decrease. Especially now when Girls Generation are starting to gradually transform into a more mature, woman-like, not-Girls-Generation-but-Woman-Generation vibe... and with their most recent Japanese comeback, it makes all members of the K-Pop fan club who watched their more mature videos and saw them change from little girl to mature lady take a double take. 

Furthermore, I ask the question: Why is SNSD still trying to act young when they're not? Why do they continuously put on small girl outfits and dance around like they were 15 again?
Is it just an experiment? SM realizes they're losing audience and respect for their #1 group and finally stays on track to mature SNSD (happened with SNSD - Oh Japanese Version in which they only got #4 for the song which is considered bad for SNSD). If that is the case, I hope SM Entertainment realizes soon before they drag SNSD down the toilet like they did with the rest of their groups.

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