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Starting in mid 2012, the girls showed off a slower and different "comeback" I Love You
After the chart-topping single, it was released that the album would be postponed for a short period of time, however, with a change of plans, they decided to postpone the album until October. Now comes October, and YG Entertainment releases yet another statement regarding 2NE1's album where it was AGAIN postponed but until November along with another statement regarding their girl group in which everyone was anticipating to come out September (they postponed it to October along with their other group SuPearls) which will actually come out in JANUARY of 2013.


And these aren't the only postponing YG Entertainment has done. Big Bang G-Dragon's"One of a Kind album was postponed a few days to a week because of a new K-Pop Music Video policy and also GD&TOP's Japanese Album (October 2011) with no true excuse.

Along with those comebacks being postponed, there are others:
4 Minute's HyunA postpones her comeback from October 17th, 2012 to October 22th, 2012
Son Dam Bi's comeback has been delayed yet AGAIN for "further upgrade quality".
Hyori postpones her comeback which was initially this year to early 2013.
2PM postponed their Japanese comeback.
Infinite postponed their 3D movie due to "unavoidable circumstances"
Goddess (nugu group) postponed their debut for "improvements" to their music video. Turns out, it wasn't needed.
T-ara postpones their showcase.
JYJ & SM Entertainment verdict apparently will never be revealed.
Super Junior's fan signing was delayed cause of a typhoon (this was is excusable)
Even f(x) postpones their Japanese SHOWCASE and Ji Hyun Woo postponed his military enlistment.

And me, as a K-Pop fan, I just sit here and wonder:
This hasn't happened before in any other year of K-Pop.
Why is it happening NOW?

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