Posted by : KPopRanter October 17, 2012


At first, when PSY did it, I felt something for him because he was actually receiving a lot of hate because his viral success. After that, Seungri followed him, holding the sign in shame because of his recent Japanese scandal. However, when Tablo did it, the meaning somehow dimmed off.

This somehow trend YG is now starting is getting a bit old, overused and losing it's overall effect/purpose which is to tell anti fans to lay off.
However, I do like YG Entertainment for letting their artists speak out because of their previous incidents which led them to receive a lot of hate. Though I was starting to lose hope and respect for YG Entertainment because of their constant postponing for comebacks, this trend is starting to give me a bit hope for YG Entertainment's future.

Maybe with less postponing of comebacks?

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  1. It's for Epik High's comeback XD I was confused at first too, LOL


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