Posted by : KPopRanter December 17, 2012

Known to the up-to-date K-Pop fans, Pledis Entertainment has been planning to release a boy group in 2013 consisting of 17 members with an average age of 17, as well as other concept aspects which revolve around their group name. While searching on the allkpop disqus thread for their post about the group, I saw this

This statement is 100% accurate. Nowadays, groups surpassing the average, an arguably perfect, number of 5 members consists of probably 5% talent and 95% wasted space... and I'm not surprised that Pledis Entertainment is debuting a group large like this with an abundance of useless members due to their already talentless artist under their wing.
What do you think about the new group Seventeen? Do you think Seventeen is pushing it? 

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