Posted by : KPopRanter December 14, 2012

Hello Venus is back with their bubbly dance track "What Are You Doing Today?" (오늘 뭐해?). Watch the video below:

Hello Venus is Pledis Entertainment's most recent debuting group in which had a debut mini-album 'Venus' in May of 2012. 

To begin, I like the song. I'm not one to like cute, aegyo-esque girl groups however, this song was actually somewhat catchy. Although there were parts in which I cringed at the overly emphasized "cute" vocals that resonated a nasal sound and were unnecessary, I enjoyed the repetitive clapping and the upbeat tune. In addition to the song, the choreography was charming and appealing. The dance looked not only easy to learn but also an enjoying.
Nevertheless, the music video just screamed cheap. The 6 girls presumed to dance in a box while flinging their bright red-orange cups around and dancing aimlessly. There was no apparent story line and even the male in the video wasn't even that necessary. Their outfits looked like they picked them up from the thrift store and the transition editing from place to place in the video was very distracting. Also, I still can't shake the fact that Lime dyed her hair from green to yellow, contradicting her stage name 'Lime' and suiting the stage name 'Lemon'.
Lastly, this comeback song was great and catchy, however, the music video didn't meet standards and was disappointing for a company like Pledis Entertainment.

What do you think of this video? Liked it? Hated it? Voice your opinions in the comment section.

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