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Numerous people (mostly SONEs) continuously express their obvious butt hurt of PSY being number one, by already preaching that PSY would be a one hit wonder whereas if their unnirs made it into the US market, they'll be in the eyes of Americans until disbandment--which will never happen; SONEs show their butt hurt when simply hearing rumors of a SM Entertainment's new girl group debut. At first, I would shrug it off and just accept that some fans are more butt hurt than others, however, now, after seeing the redundancy of that statement, I question why others think it will be Girls Generation who becomes the reigning global icons as opposed to PSY who will only reign in our memories after all the Gangnam Style hype goes down and I can only bring myself to one reasonable answer. 

Double Standards.

For starters, I've heard repeatedly that people only like Gangnam Style because "it was funny". However, there's obviously more elements to Gangnam Style's popularity, because if it were true that only the comedy made PSY a global star, not only would every single funny video previous to PSY's advancement and after would have grasped the hearts of nearly 1 billion viewers, but also PSY wouldn't have reached almost one billion viewers, became most liked YouTube video, became most viral video and reached #1 in almost every single country in only the matter of 5 months.

Crazy No - Musiche aka very funny video released October 5, 2012

Seeing that there has not been any other funny videos topping charts within the last few years (if there are, you can disprove me), I would like to bet my entire life savings that Gangnam Style received all the popularity due to it being distinct and unique than comical. Furthermore, seeing a video in which has a memorable horse riding dance, sung only in Korean with the exception of "Hey, Sexy Lady" with a video with obvious effort put into it would appeal more to me than 9 girls walking, twisting and turning, singing in fluent Engrish with the exception of Tiffany (who's starting to get an Engrish accent) and Jessica dancing in a large box.

In addition, I've seen numerous amount of times that Gangnam Style only became popular because it was catchy. I find no logic in that statement, because isn't that what a song's supposed to be? Catchy? Easy to listen to? Not reiterating how they'll bring the boys out with a half-assed video to add the icing to the cake of a half-assed excuse for a song?

So why must there be a double standard for PSY in YG Entertainment when it comes to K-Pop fans, when if the same recognition were to happen to Girls Generation in SM Entertainment, no one would hear an end to the SONE boasting. Girls Generation - The Boys was nothing but a product of the garbage songs SM Entertainment has been throwing out ever since 2009 when they experienced their downfall in quality music but gullible 8 year old fans still continuously catch. The composition was by no means even acceptable for South Korea and well-established K-Pop fans to listen to, so why should the world have to love a song that was remade into an Engrish, a horribly pronounced Japanese version and a maxi-single in which 7 of those 8 remixes sucked and the only somewhat tolerable one was Teddy Riley's, in which wasn't even that audible either.

Why can't everyone be happy for PSY, the already established and having been there longer than Girls Generation, singer, rapper and songwriter (Girls Generation barely even has good singers, let alone rappers or songwriters) who has achieved more than even American artists have let alone Korean artists.
Is it simply just because Flop Generation lived up to their name? Is it because ol' Snoop lost his sheen?
Or is it just because the jealousy that an actually good artist made it in the eyes of Americans whereas might-as-well-be-4-member Generation didn't?

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  1. your right if snsd was popular and "dangbak" however you pronounce it it would be different btw PSY i feel WILL be a one hit wonder in America at least if he releases a new song then it will be popular initially but i doubt it will ever hit the scale gangnam style will

    1. Yes! SONEs will be bragging that their unnirs are "Daebak" worldwide lol...
      I'm sort of torn in between PSY becoming a one hit wonder or still remaining in the American eye however not with as much popularity as Gangnam Style had. Nevertheless, one of these assumptions can be argued upon and we'll just have to wait and see.

  2. PSY isn't really a "good" artist. Nobody in the k-pop scene is. However, GG has put out entertaining music since 2009, it's just been buried underneath shitty lead singles and repackages. Usually their ballads are fairly good, as are there poppy songs that are buried underneath their title songs. Even a couple of their title tracks since 2009 have been pretty fun. And saying that their aren't really very many good singers in the group? It's k-pop, there aren't many good singers in the entire genre. As for The Boys being a flop, that doesn't surprise me at all. It was a repackage, and those usually aren't that great. Will their album that was made first in English do any better? Probably not, but I don't think anybody truly expects it to.

  3. Oh, I've seen my butthurt fellow S♥NEs. I don't get why anyone would take them seriously though, they're usually a bunch of kids between 12-16 years old.

    I dunno about PSY, there IS a possibility he could be a one-hit-wonder but maybe not. Especially since he's planning on releasing an English album almost immediately after GS's success. It could actually do well, especially if it's good. And PSY has really good music imo.

    But yasss I agree SNSD's Korean songs suck. However, I think the songs they've released in Japan are amazing. That's really the only reason I became a "S♥NE" in the first place. The first album I got was The Boys but I really didn't care for it much... it's forgettable except for like a few songs. Not including OSCAR, I hate it and I don't get why everybody likes it. But that's just my opinion I guess.

    Honestly SNSD has no chance whatsoever making it in the west. They should stick to Asia. I'm personally a huge fan of TLC, I listened to them when I was a kid and everything and they're considered the best American girl group ever (Beyonce & friends... I mean Destiny's Child... can not compare imo) and I can't see SNSD ever being as amazing as they were. Especially Lisa... that girl was talented as hell. <3 a bit of a fucking psycho but really talented rapper/songwriter

    1. Agreed with the statement of their Japanese songs > Korean songs. Well, expect for Flower Power... that song was horrible. All My Love is For You >>>>> 90% of their recent Korean songs. After Hoot, they went downhill.
      And also agreeing with your statement about their chance in the west and them sticking to Asia. Even with Interscope, there's not a definite chance of making it in. And even if they do make it in the market, they'll have to undergo drastic changes like member lose or leg-spreading, tit-groping dance moves.


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