Posted by : KPopRanter December 13, 2012

Fans commented, “I know she must be getting stress, but I think she needs to diet a little again“, “She’d be perfect if she lost just a little bit of weight“, and “What happened to her chest?“. cr. allkpop

For starters, Park Bom has been receiving an abundance of attention for her obvious, recent weight gain. Numerous amount of netizens (mostly anti fans of 2NE1) have been calling Park Bom chubby, fat and obese without mercy and allkpop even published an article entitled "2NE1's Park Bom is experiencing the yo-yo effect?" This issue has came to my attention, and I have no option but to state my opinion on Park Bom's condition.

For the apparently numerous people who aren't aware of this, Park Bom reportedly has an uncontrollable condition in which her upper body swells at unplanned times called "lymphadentitis" which at times causes her face to look inflated so to say. Though, this might not be the exact situation and could not be the exact excuse, I have to say honestly: Park Bom doesn't even look fat. In fact, this picture just makes it look like she wore a push-up bra; a stomach is not even apparent from under her dress.
So why must we target Park Bom? The woman who has a unmanageable condition that makes her swell without reason, the woman who doesn't even have an apparent tummy, the woman who went on a corn diet just to lose weight only to have some gain back again? Is she not a human being? Is it so different for her to gain weight than the average person?

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  1. People shouldn't get on Bom for being fat, because she really isn't. They should get on her for having a face that would melt if she was put within ten feet of a fire. Or they could lay into her for putting out shitty music.

  2. strangely enough this actually reminds of the japanese robot gemini-f iono she is probably a robot?

  3. she isn't fat. It's just her breasts that seems to grow bigger. Well whatever happens, Bom is still my bias! *u*

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