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Released in July of 2012, Gangnam Style has trampled over basically every other artist in the history of the virtual world. The song topped charts, claimed the spot as most viral video as well as the most watched/liked video on Youtube and also showed up on television shows that not even the most popular of Korean Pop artists dared to appear on, the Gangnam Style revolution was astonishing. Along with the star of Gangnam Style, PSY, there were others who were showcased in the video to an extent where they gained attention, the most noticeable persons being elevator, hip-thrust man, Noh Hong Chul, and sexy Asian Pikachu girl, HyunA
Though not being doing much, the two of them both have been planning to venture out into the American market without any other true reason but through PSY, and I just sit here and wonder "Why?"

hyunaIn full honesty, I honestly think the two should just stay in Korea. There's no problem with it, being that they already know the language, are established in the country and are well-known without having to build up their audience. Not only that, but my assumption is that because they are feeding off of PSY's achievements  they would have to be at the very least somewhat dependent on him, being that he's already known throughout the world, to boost up their career and make them somewhat relevant through appearances and references to PSY and the already-waning in popularity, Gangnam Style.
In addition, being that HyunA is most likely attempting to debut as a singer in the states, I would not like to witness that. Even in Korean Pop, she's redundantly unbearing. Her singing is below average, her dancing only consists of leg-spreading, booty-popping and tit-grabbing moves, and her rapping shouldn't even count as rapping as it is just speaking quickly in a high-pitched and annoying voice. She cannot even do well as a singer in Korea, so why must she attempt achieving global popularity?

All in all, I dislike the whole concept of "I'm getting popularity some place other than Korea, therefore that makes it a good chance to debut in America!" because there's so much more to it than just PSY giving them their 2 seconds of fame and them using those 2 seconds to make an effort in making it into the American market as big as PSY did however failing. In fact, the chances are that none of them will even come close to PSY's success let alone artists like Wonder Flops and Flop Generation who barely even reach any notable popularity. Furthermore, to conclude, the artists should just stay in Korea, for the sake of us, the already established K-Pop fans, them, the people who aren't well into K-Pop and have to witness the tragedies which will take place and themselves when they realize all their efforts went to waste and they should have just taken the easy path like Little PSY, Hwang Min Woo, took and just stay in Asia.

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