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On January 6th, Rookie Youai released "I Got a Boy". Listen to the not even similar to the Girls' Generation "I Got a Boy" track below:

It seems as if basically half the population of the SONEs who have heard the news that their precious unnirs supposedly got their song stolen, they were all quick to jump without even giving thought to the song creating process. Obviously, rookie Youai and her company had the whole song planned out as well as the song title from weeks to months before so this old-styled song shouldn't even be counted as act of copying... in fact, I bet she's as surprised as all of us are as of now and shouldn't be taking much blame for the supposed duplication of Girls' Generation's shitty track.

Additionally, it even seems like the allkpop staff members are also biased SONEs, hinting it by saying:
 "not to be confused in any way by that OTHER song of the same name."
However, is “I Got A Boy” distinct enough to distinguish itself amongst all the other heavy hitters promoting (or expected to promote) right now?

Oh really, allkpop? Way to be subtle!

I think the funny thing is that when Girls' Generation copies or purchases full and not produced by SM Entertainment songs, *cough* Dancing Queen, Run Devil Run, Baby Steps and many more *cough* no one gives a shit. However, when someone doesn't even copy the song and instead, just simply has the same song title, it has to be an issue.
Obviously, our unnirs are working so hard and are so sad that an irrelevant nobody is debuting with the same song. Oh? They're not? Well according to one SONE on Youtube they are!

Exactly. I agree with you! That's why SNSD has many other songs with similar song titles like Bad Girl, Beautiful Stranger... even Gee!

In conclusion, I think this whole ordeal is just silly. In full honesty, I wouldn't care if someone took a song title because it happens all the time... but the rookie singer is getting bashed to infinity for something that wasn't even intended. I wish the best for rookie Youai being that there's only one time to make a first impression, and obviously, she didn't do so hot on this one.

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  1. To all of those SONES that say that " this fucking rookie took my unnirs song, I will kill her" Shut the F**k up. First, you wanna get mad if someone(or an outsider)talks shit about the song. Then, you gonna bash on this girl who probably was planning this even before snsd or SM was. Just because it has the same title to it doesn't mean it's the same song. So now if any artist names their song "genie, I got a Boy,the boys,etc." will get hated on. Bitch Please!


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