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So I was around the Internet and found this post which lead back to the original thread here, credit to lila88kugelschreiber and veepinku. It's supposedly a list of almost all of the popular and relevant Korean Pop idol's secrets... and, after reading all of this, I have to say that this has got to be the largest amount of bull shit I have read.  Of course, there are a few things that make you sit at the edge of your chair in awe but the majority of the supposed "secrets" after page 1 causes you roll your eyes and regret even setting your foot--err, eye, in this thread. 

It seems like it consists of a lot of assumptions that were arranged into a way that seems believable, however, once you get farther and farther and the author of this supposed "jar of secrets" gets more comfortable with the audience of gullible persons who are eating up anything that he or she throws out at them, the secrets get less and less believable.
 The first statement that truly set off red flags for me was that "YunJae" was supposedly the "real deal". It seemed as if a hopeless, delusional fan girl shipper who wishes for their two oppars to be the real thing stated this and expected everyone to eat it up. 
And even if one believed in YunJae, there's another huge claim that there was supposedly no "forced sex" in the K-Pop industry and it was as innocent as we expected apparent:
 "...there must be sex of course in ANY entertainment industry. But for the KPOP ( I mean like the place where all of our idols live), couch casting is not existed. If they just need to do some sex casting, I'm sure years and years trainning won't be exist."
However, it's been said and testified by numerous others who are actually connected and in the entertainment business, for example, Open World Entertainment sexually harassing numerous female and male trainees with promises and hopes that by giving into the sexual acts they will be able to debut and become famous, that there are actually things like that going around.
All in all, this supposed thread of secrets is, to me, a bunch of bull shit. The susceptible fan girls in the thread who eat up anything said to them are the most hilarious thing about this supposed friend-of-an-insider-of-the-industry ordeal and I'm hoping that most of them come to their senses and realize everyone and everyone on the Internet aren't who they seem.

What do you think of this supposed compendium of K-Pop celebrity secrets? Think it's a joke like me or are you gullible enough to believe it? Comment below!

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  1. THANK YOU for this !!!
    I was... surprised, that so many fans actually buying it :/ even some people who I thought would never believe such BS smh
    Btw I just found out about your blog and I love it lol will continue to lurk here ;)

    1. Thanks for dropping by on the article and thanks for the support of my blog.
      It really surprises me how many people believed what this person was saying on that website and I'm happy someone else agrees with what I'm saying.


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