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Watch the English demo of I Got a Boy entitled Shiner on You here:

Composed by Katy Tiz (aka who?), I was hoping for something a little less shitty, being that the 9 girls might be putting this up for their English comeback album... however, my hopes certainly went to waste. This English version is no doubt worse than the original "I Got a Boy", the lyrics making even less sense than the "I Got a Boy" lyrics.

I’m a bully, yo kid, target, I wanna pull the trigger, that pooka say you should run run run run (Yeah, Yeah)
(Uh~) I know you wanna tell you, wanna jiber, You can’t touch me! You can’t touch me!
Shout it, pipens, I speed at Bigby’s, try to rub upon it, Oh no you didn’t!
(Ah~) I’m about to have kittens so, You just test me! You just test me!

In addition to this, this composition of useless jargon, talking about money on one end

It’s my world, it’s my turn, I’m the million you’re never gonna earn
So go to the other bank, I’ll be a donor, I’ll be the CEO! I’ll be the owner!

Talking about how they're inhuman obviously, being that they're about the have "kittens"
I’m about to have kittens so

Then repeating the same, confusing and pointless line over and over again 
I put a shiner on ya, I put a shiner on ya, I put a shine, put a shine, put a shine on ya

makes me hope that Girls' Generation doesn't include with this track (or at least substitutes Katy Tiz's lyrics with something idiotic) in their English album. 
Meanwhile, the only positive side about the English demo is that at least the vocals are better than the original.

What do you think about "Shiner on You" by Katy Tiz? Like it better than the original? Hate it? Share your opinions on the comment section below.

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  1. I hope this is a demo/guide track with shitty lyrics. Otherwise I like this better than IGAB less songs mixed in together.


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