Posted by : KPopRanter March 29, 2013

2 years ago, Choi Hee Jin was sentenced to prison after defamation of Eru and Tae Jin Ah's character. Before her sentencing, she has also stirred up numerous controversies around the K-Pop industry and has been labeled as a compulsive liar and had got into/started shit with netizens, Tablo and even herself...
and this bitch is back in business.

One would think after 2 years of prison, someone that idiotic would change in fear of getting another sentencing, this time, less lenient. However, someone this mental "smart" couldn't refuse another opportunity of defaming someone's character. 
This time, she's aiming at 10 male celebrities with her new game "Exclusive X-Files"
In the video that you can watch below, she stated how she's going to reveal her bad relationships with men as well as state how she had tried to get back on the right track and lead a normal life which is impossible to have for someone that crazy. 

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