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The talk of the week, taking the SM-hating spot light off of SHINee's Onew's recent controversies, Girls' Generation Sooyoung gets put into the light and states her opinion:
 Honestly, I want to be called an artist.

At first, I laughed.
[Insert an entertainer from SM Entertainment] and artist other than BoA in one sentence?


SM Entertainment is most probably the worst company in the Big 3 in letting people actually express themselves and show their true artistry. In my honest opinion, the entertainers under SM Entertainment are more or less just dolls to SM's overall cash crop and when the dolls get less and less popular and start raking in less and less money, they're thrown to the side to fend for themselves.

And SNSD are not any different.
 Yes, now it's their time to shine.
Yes, now their the most popular girl group in Korea.
But the same thing will happen to them when the time comes and people want Girls' Generation rather than Ahjumma Generation.

Furthermore, being that they are just products of SM Entertainment "Star Museum", I really can't say that with the lack of control over their career and them just really being the visual elements to the whole creation and production of their art, that they even deserve the title of artist.

Yes, Sooyoung. You can be an artist.

Now now, I'm not shaming Girls Generation. After... what? Five years of hard work not to mention the years of training to lead up to that hard work is impressive and it's not something to completely just forget about. But even with those five years of hard work, they have done almost nothing to really show their true artistic abilities and individuality and really are the basic image of what an idol is. Not an artist.
Likewise, I actually do understand where Sooyoung is coming from. I think after the numerous years of being on stage and just giving out music that doesn't truly mean anything other than money in CEO oppars pocket that one would actually want to start...
expressing themselves.

And Sooyoung really hasn't been able to do that though she really does want to.
And with the time being, I'm not even sure that Sooyoung has much time to do that.
Because as I said before, "Star Museum" Entertainment will soon see a downfall in their largest moneymaker and will have to move to the next one... and with the thought in mind of how quick music transitions and moves... I can only guess how long it will take for that to happen.

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