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The idol's group name is by far one of the most important elements of a group.
It's their identity-- something they have to make visible on every single album cover, every single concert booklet and even every single variety show they appear on in order to let possible fans know who they are. And after years and years of being introduced to different groups and various group names, you start to notice the good and the bad of them and can say which ones are the best and which ones are the worsts.

f(x)_Krystal_FaintBest -
Big BangStarting off the list is YGE's super group, Big Bang. I've always thought this name was interesting and it lured me to the group. And though this name would probably seem weird if they were less popular, I think their popularity probably adds to the name and makes it sound more appealing. The only negative about this name however, is the fact that whenever you try to search it, the "Big Bang theory" comes up first therefore you have to further specify "Big Bang kpop" or "Big Bang group" to get the actual desired result.
f(x)_Krystal_FaintGirls GenerationNext on the list is SM Entertainment's super group, Girls Generation, claiming their deserved spot as one of the best names. I mean, whoever thought of this name deserves the highest of all fives! It's actually quite brilliant, and even their Korean name   소녀시대 (SoNyeoShiDae) isn't half bad. Both of their names basically describe the group in the best way possible. However, just like Big Bang, this name would probably sound weird if the group was less popular.

Other Good Names:
Wonder Girls
Brown Eyed Girls
Rainbow (They had 7 members originally.. clever)

MBLAQ To be honest, MBLAQ itself isn't that bad... in fact, when I wasn't much of a fan of MBLAQ, I actually thought the name was quite cool. However, after it was told to me that MBLAQ didn't mean "Men in Black (with a bad ass Q at the end) and instead meant an awkward "Music Boys Live in Best Quality", I stopped liking their name because of the cringe-worthy Engrish.

B1A4 - Next is B1A4 and just like MBLAQ, B1A4 is yet another abbreviation, meaning something totally different from expected. f(x)_Krystal_FaintAt first, seeing on teaser pictures that 4 members of B1A4, Jinyoung, Dongwoo, Gongchan and Jeonghwan whereas the member Baro was blood-typed B, I thought it was a clever little abbreviation of their blood types. Nonetheless, of course, someone had to ruin the greatness of the name and reveal the true meaning of the name being "Be the One; All for One" sounding much less cool and instead just a bunch of English words mixed together.

f(x)_Krystal_FaintPurplay - The flop group which used plagarized choreography in their debut song, Love and Remember, worsened the blow with their horrible group name. To be honest, I don't even know what this group name is even trying to mean.... Is this the Engrish way of saying "purple"? A fail attempt of saying "foreplay"? Or is it just another shitty group name that has no meaning behind it whatsoever?

Other Bad Names:
Crayon Pop
(usually the rookie groups have the shit names)

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  1. Hahaha I can't help but laugh out loud whenever I encounter bad English names used in Korea. MBLAQ?? Who knew??

  2. I can't help but laugh out loud whenever I come across a bad English name used in Korea. MBLAQ? Hahaha who knew?


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