Posted by : Elyssia Lee April 13, 2013

f(x)_Krystal_FaintDear Diary,

I think sometimes SM Entertainment can go a little bit over board with managing their artist. It's almost as if they make them go out on stage and say, "Well, hope you do good!" when they completely acknowledge the fact that they're tired and could possibly pass out, landing flat on their face! 

I mean, it's not just F(x)'s Krystal who has shown signs of "I am tired as fuck; let me just lay down for a moment."

Most of SM's entertainers has showed obvious signs of fatigue.
Super Junior's Yesung has:

SHINee's Onew has:

Even the best of Asia, BoA hasn't escaped the tiredness.

So, SM, what I'm simply asking (though you probably won't read this anytime soon):
Please take better care of your musicians.
They are people, too.
And I would rather pay to see a performance of them in a good condition rather than see them sleep deprived and like zombies.



- E

P.S. Taemin is hot.

April 12th, 2013

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