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It is a common sight for teenage girls to openly proclaim their love for male idols with all their hot bodies. But rarely is it seen that they fangirl over female idols. Speaking from the perspective of a typical teenage fangirl, it is mostly out of wanting to be a part of the crowd where topless guys are put on top, and out of the fear of having your sexuality questioned. Today, the writing team of Kpopranter will lead in the wave of fangirling over female idols as we throw open the doors to our hidden closet world of secret fangirling. It's high time that we openly proclaim our support for the female idols that rank high in our hearts too. Check out all the female idol biases of the writing team below!

Jeana: I am a really big fan our dorky kid leader of SNSD, Taeyeon-fun-sized, cute and of a good heart. It doesn't matter how many cosmetic surgery rumours there are of her, nor does it matter how true those rumours are, because all I know is that she is the prettiest KPOP idol. Not to mention that she is able to pull off practically any look - from sexy, to sassy, to cute. She is very respectful to her seniors (there's been pictures of her sheltering Kangta with an umbrella when it was raining during an SMTown concert), and juniors (showing concern to Baek Ah Yeon during rehearsal for their collaborative stage). She is also very talented. Other than having such an amazing voice, she has tried her hands on emceeing (for Music Core), acting (cameo in Salamandar Guru),  DJing (on MBC Radio's Good Friend Radio with Super Junior's Kangin) and variety (starring on We Got Married with Hyungdon). She also dances quite well and often takes center stage during SNSD performances. Taengoo!
Jeana: I am also a really big fan of Lee Hi. Not only is she really pretty (as with Taeyeon hahah!), I also really really love her voice. Her husky soulful voice never fails to strike a chord with my heart. The way she is able to command such a big stage at such a young age really amazes me (check out her performance of 1,2,3,4 at the Golden Disk Awards last year here) Even with her comparatively limited song releases, she has already shown that she is able to pull of any look (hahah again as with Taeyeon), from cute in It's Over, to feminine in Rose (do check out my review of Rose here).
Tiffany: I'm also a huge fan of Lee Hi, after watching the first season of K-Pop Star and falling in love with her through her cover of Mercy, it seemed impossible not to fall in love her.

Tiffany: Coincidence? I think not. Girls' Generation's Tiffany is Tiffany's girl crush. I've always liked her despite her dislike throughout even the SONE fandom. She's quite cute and not to mention, she has a sob story to tell which always brings out my emotional side and makes me like people even more. Her eye-smile is just really mesmerizing and she's one of my biggest inspirations in K-Pop. This angel from up above made me fall in love with her after her Bleeding Love cover and whether or not people don't like her voice or don't think that she deserves a spot in the top 3 voices of SNSD, I actually do believe she's among the best in the 9 member group.

2NE1's CL is undeniably the Baddest Female On-Stage.... but off-stage? That's a different story. Though YG Entertainment likes to keep their performers exclusive, 2NE1 participated in their own show called '2NE1 TV' which made me see the real side of CL... and she's not half-bad. In fact, she's a really great leader and makes me laugh from time-to-time. Aside from what people say being that she's 'ugly' or a 'bitch', I really do believe she's appealing and quite nice.
2NE1's Park Bom is next, my plastic, corn-eating baby Bommie always being the topic of interest to antis alike. People say that her singing is starting to slump, but hey! It's still better than most people in K-Pop who can barely sing a note without being flat! People say that her face is starting to look even more plastic, sure, but I still like her face... especially without make-up

Jaemin: I like Yoona because she's the face of SNSD and she's extremely cute... Not only are her talents singing and dancing but she can also act and make me laugh on variety shows.
Elyssia: Basically what Jaemin said. She's the face of SNSD, she's cute and she's really fun to watch!

Next to Yoona is my F(x) bias, Victoria. She's talented in dancing, she's a pretty good singer (in my opinion) and she's extremely flexible. Arguably the most flexible idol in K-Pop, Victoria is the queen of elasticity. I promise you, she could probably jump-rope through her own two arms.
Victoria is also really bubbly and fun to watch especially from the f(x) and Anna Kendrick collaboration on 'Funny or Die'.

Jaemin: Hyori is a great role model and to me, she is a K-Pop legend. Even though she's supposedly 'getting old' in the entertainment business, she still manages to bring her best to the stage.

Eunjung stands out to me a lot from T-ara and she's a great dancer, rapper and actor... she seems different and unique to me and despite the T-ara scandal, I really do like her.

Seo In Young is just awesome and I love her music and fashion style. She's a great person and has been in Jewelry as well as done solos. She's also starting her own entertainment soon! Can you believe it? Well, I can't! I hope I can see her blossom because so far, I envy that she's taking that large step.

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