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The Mother Father 'Wet PSY' gentleman released a new music video for his already chart-topping song 'Gentleman' featuring the Infinity Challenge cast, Brown Eyed Girls' Ga In and even the Big Bang members G-Dragon and Seungri. If you haven't already tuned in to watch the music video, you can watch it down below!

First off, let me say that I am actually pretty happy that PSY actually had a comeback. As said in a previous post, PSY is the first and only South Korean artist to actually breakthrough to the American market and be relatively well-known throughout the world... and with his new comeback music video 'Gentleman', he has proved all of the "One Hit Wonder" suspicions and accusations untrue.


The song
Before the music video was released, the song by itself was nothing really to brag about. It was aiight and to me, wasn't a song that would move PSY from the "One Hit Wonder" category to the respectable artist category. However, after watching the video, my views have changed. The video just added a little spark to the song and turned the previously dull composition into a masterpiece. The 'Mother Father Gentleman' and 'Wet PSY' adds to the humor of the track and not to mention, it's quite catchy.

The video
Without a doubt in my mind, this video was phenomenal. The obvious emptying out of YG Entertainment's wallets paid off as this new video was amazingly structured. The constant setting change, forever indefinite number of famous Korean celebrities trying to get their share of the Global PSY Pie as well as the whole aggregate of this music video is noteworthy. 


However, to me, the video lacks utmost creativity and it really seems like PSY is just attempting to recreate Gangnam Style, not being able to get away from the summer hit that made him world-renowned in the first place. There were obvious similarities of the video: another elevator ordeal, the elevator same hip-thrust guy, even PSY being a cheap creeper and peeking in on a woman exercising... all elements of the Gentleman video that I have seen before on his previous video, Gangnam Style. And even though 4 Minute's HyunA was replaced with Brown Eyed Girls' Ga In there wasn't much of a difference between the two's roles in the video.


Nonetheless, this video was inevitably entertaining and made the song (released April 12th) seem 10 times better.

The dance
The dance undeniably fit the song without ease. The crotch-shaking and the hip waving definitely made this dance as memorable as the Gangnam Style horse-riding dance. Nevertheless, Is that Brown Eyed Girls' Abracadabra I see? Not to mention, I thought PSY was going to base his dance off of a sports (or maybe that was his previously decided title track 'Assarabia') rather than shaking his crotch everywhere. My thoughts are that with using Brown Eyed Girls' Ga In in the video, PSY received a big two thumbs-up in using the Abracadabra dance... a win win situation for both sides. Either or, the dance was great and showcased Gentleman well


To Sum It All Up
The wet Mother Father PSY Gentleman Oppar created yet another viral hit with his comeback song, Gentleman. Though piggybacking off of Gangnam Style and not creating much of a visual difference between the two tracks, this song actually isn't half bad. Not to mention, it's already placing 1 on charts domestically and internationally through iTunes, PSY oppar making a splash on the world with his comical image and upbeat song.


What did you think of Gentleman? Comment below!

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