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I'm usually not the person to ship all of oppars and unnirs together in hopes that they will date, get married and live happily ever after... however, I am the one to examine relationships or obvious signs that my oppar and unnir are dating in hopes that they will continue dating and get found out. Here are some that I think are actually true.

Nickhun and Tiffany. NickFany(?), Tiffhun(?)

This is most probably the couple I'm most sure about. Tiffany + Nickhun. According to Netizenbuzz, there's actual photographic proof that they have a thing for each other... and it's more than just those tiny little pieces of jewelry that celebrities wear. It's writing, necklaces (okay, you caught me... that's jewelry), phone key chains, laptop cases (possibly the biggest piece of evidence), phone cases, attendances to each others shows and performances and even glimpses at each other across the room.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

As I said before, I'm not a crazy shipper who will die at nothing to have my oppar and unnir together... but I am observant and through this observation, I honestly do think that they are dating.

As seen in the title picture:
Oppar didn't mean it! Onew and Jungah. Jungnew(?) Ongah(?)

Although I'm not the one to jump on whatever celebrity couple news that pops up, I think that on this shipping, Onew himself dug his own shipping hole. Only two to three years ago, SHINee's Onew said one time two years ago that Jungah was his ideal type and not only that, he also noted that he would be able to date women that are up to ten whole years older... After School's Jungah meeting the criteria and being 6 years older that the culprit. And if one weren't to believe me from those, one could just take a look at the pictures that reporters took on a recent date between the two.

Most shocking couple of the year. Eunhyuk and IU. EunU(?) IHyuk...(?) Sick couple (?)

The IU and Eunhyuk sex scandal was by far the most surprising scandal of the year... Monkey boy, Eunhyuk, plus nation's previous Little Sister, IU, going at it trying to recover IU in her time of need with Eunhyuk's shirt off and sweat from their sex all over them. This coupling seems to me like one that broke up or were just Friends with Benefits /winkwink/ however, I do actually believe in the IU and Eunhyuk relationship scandal and I believe that it was more than just friends helping friends.

Taecyeon + Someone in SNSD

To me, it just seems like one of the members of SNSD would date Taecyeon... Nothing much to it.

One of the more popular couplings in the K-Pop World. Victoria and Changmin... Vicmin(?) Changtoria (✓)

Victoria and Changmin are one of the more popular couplings of the K-Pop world, their more recent scandal even bringing up more buzz to their shipping as well as other pictures making me believe these two are more than 'just friends'

Though there are many more couplings that seem somewhat tolerable, these are the ones in which I most believe have happened or are happening right now. Any shippings that you believe?

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  1. It's my first time hearing about Nichkhun and Tiffany (LoL I'm so out of date here) but they do look like they are dating... also Changmin and Victoria... but oh well... They can do whatever they want as long as they're happy...


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