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Welcome to K-Pop Ranter's newest feature, CoFK, better-wise known as Confessions of a K-Pop Fangirl. In this segment, all of the female writers of K-Pop Ranter will confess our concealed K-Pop secrets through words, videos and of course, images.
This week's topic? Boys, Boys & More Boys. A short contemplation of our male biases and the reasons why we like them. In this contemplation are the current female writers TiffanyJeana and Jazmine with five of their male biases. Let's get started, shall we?

Ah, yes. Boys.
And not only that: Hot Korean Boys.
Throughout all of our journeys of being Korean Pop fan girls, we have encountered and spazzed over numerous male idols, their "chocolate abs" and "aegyo" being the common topic of interest. However, although we have fangirl-ed hundreds of our oppars' chiseled abs,  there have only been few idols who have claimed top spots in our heart and have been crowned "Bias". Though our bias list is constantly ruined through the indefinite debuts of numerous boy groups, we've come to say all the guys who have ranked high on our bias list from the moment we saw them to the moment till now. Beginning the list is Tiffany's TOP and G-Dragon.

GDragon_TOP_TuxedoTiffany: TOP and G-Dragon have forever been on my bias list ever since I first saw them in Haru Haru. I can't say which one I like more due to the fact every time I see one of them, I like that one more than the other, however, I can say the reasons why I like them both. G-Dragon - I think I like G-Dragon because not only is he have that certain mixture of boyish charm and manly essence, he's also among the most talented idols that I know.... and of course, scratch a woman's ear with style.  TOP - This man is sex on legs on more sex. I don't even think it's remotely possible to describe this heavenly creation with words.... I could legitly die just through hearing his voice. It's so deep, dark and UNF.

Jay_ParkI said it with TOP, and I'm going to say it again. UNF. Jay Park is one of the coolest and most chill idols that I probably know. He doesn't muster up things and hide them, he tells it like it is and I truly respect him for that. His songs are impressive and he just likes to start shit just for the hell of it. In addition to all of that, he's friends with one of my favorite Youtubers, Ryan Higa, and was featured in some of his videos. 

Jazmine: Forever both my Super Junior bias and my ultimate bias, the evil maknae, Kyuhyun, places first in my heart and on my bias list. I enjoy watching him play his dirty tricks and messing with his hyungs and his noonas. In fact, there was never a time in which he failed to make me laugh or leave me uninterested. Not to mention, with his adorableness, vocal talent and knowledge of numerous languages, it surprises me that he is Super Junior's youngest member.
MBLAQ_Mir_Everybody_Rice_Eat_EngrishNext on the list, Mir. 100% not going to lie: This guy turns me on. His deep rapping voice and his visuals and his astounding visuals, though astounding, are not the only thing that attracts me to him. After watching him on the variety show Hello Baby, it was to my surprise that he's also an amazing father and empathetic to others. Not to mention, his horrible attempts at English are adorable and make me love him.
Last but not least, Andy places on my bias list. From the good old K-Pop days when SHINHWA were still with SM Entertainment to the modern days when they're in Good Entertainment, SHINHWA's Andy has faced a lot throughout his career. He, as well as the whole of SHINHWA, have been my music inspiration for nearly the decade I have been in K-Pop and with his mentoring and managing of  groups like 100% and Teen Top, I'm proud to say that I'm an Andy-stan.


SHINee_Taemin_Dream_GirlJeana: My lovely cutest ultimate bias in K-pop is undoubtedly the mischievous little maknae of SHINee, our dearest Taemin (taeminnie hehe). I remember how the first music video that I watched and liked when I was first introduced to K-Pop in 2010 was SHINee's Hello. And it really was that somewhat pretty boy dancing that caught my eye, with his innocent smile and high voice. I often look back to his debut times when he donned mushroom hair and only had a few lines in each song, and up to present times when he often takes centre stage. And it really feels as though I have watched this cute boy grow. He has improved so much in his singing and no words can describe how proud I am of him. The way he fools around on Hello Baby with such child-like beauty never fails to put a smile on my face. Although he has been presenting a more mature side of him in recent times, he will forever remain as my first love.
Infinite_HoyaNone of my other biases go anywhere near to Taemin's ranking, but my next bias would be Hoya of Infinite. Initially, it was L who caught my eye in Infinite with his drop-dead gorgeous looks. But as I slowly got to know Infinite through their variety shows (e.g. You are my Oppa, Sesame Player, Birth of a Family), I got to know the cute, innocent side of Hoya that I would never have been able to see through his powerful raps on stage. His sheepish smile, especially, really melts my heart.

To all the ladies out there (and even some men) who crush over some if not all of the K-Pop male idols that debut day in and day out: Who are your male biases?

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  1. Amber: the only man i would go gay for.

  2. Amber: the only man i would go gay for.

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