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It's undeniable that if you're a female K-Pop fan, you will fall in love with idols for more than just their looks. You fall in love with their talent (well, if they have one), you fall in love with their dorkiness... and of course, you fall in love with their amazingly UNFtastic voices. And today on K-Pop ranter we will discuss the sexiest male voices in K-Pop starting with 20 and then going to the winner in the next post.

f(x)_Krystal_Faint#20 - EXO-K's Baekhyun
Baekhyun's supreme vocals make me grow goose bumps. His hot voice will undoubtedly just make you find your happy place. Arguably, Baeky is one of the best vocalist in Exo-K but still lacks a little in mixing his sensational voice with the beat and sound of the song.
#19 - EXO-M's Kris 
Though Kris has a sexy and deep voice that will make you "roll like buffalo", his rapping doesn't seem to have that... swag that rappers need.... Hopefully in the future, he can bring in add some more rhythm and emotion in his rapping that would make my ovaries explode.

f(x)_Krystal_Faint#18 - Jay Park
This man seriously has guts from his previous career as a 2PM boy to his middle finger scandal... And without a doubt, his voice is so addicting words cannot describe the UNF. He has that bad boy swag and is a rapper that seriously has some 'flavor'.

#17 - SHINHWA's Hyesung
The old timer never fails to hit a high elecric shocking note. "You are my, girl yeah~" In the song "Brand New" His voice gave me soul like i was touched my an angles strong ,bold and sexy voice .
#16 - TVXQ's Yunho 
"I got you~ under my skin" = My ovaries dead. That small line is so meaningful yet so sexual and hot. His sexy, manly, check-wrecking voice will blow you to... Seoul. Oh yeah. 

f(x)_Krystal_Faint#15 - MBLAQ's Mir
Mir, the maknae of MBLAQ, has cute and sexy written all over him. His deep and 'pretty boy' voice will make you unconsciously smile to yourself. He's the main rapper of MBLAQ and when he raps "Baby say yes, yes, yes; Don't say no, no, no" in the MBLAQ song, MonaLisa, you will immediately become pregnant.
#15 - U-Kiss's Hoon
I have to admit, he may not have the best looks in U-Kiss but his voice is amazing. If I were to marry this guy, I would have him sing the Lullaby to me every single night.

f(x)_Krystal_Faint#13 - B.A.P - Zelo
My lil' baby from B.A.P has pretty/bad boy swag and shows it. Besides Big Bang's G-Dragon, he is my secret husband and he just doesn't know it. His rapping skills go hardcore there is no doubt he will be my next pimp giving all you girls "No Mercy".
#12 - U-Kiss's Kevin
Kevin undoubtedly stands out from U-Kiss and what I admire about him is his 'eargasm' voice. It's so magnificent... from 'Man Man Hani' to 'Neverland' this mother father has skills. 

#11 - B1A4's Baro
Last on this list is Baro who is no doubt a Beautiful Target. His deep voice is sexy.
I mean, who would have known Baro had a manly voice yet a baby face?

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