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On the MBC Japanese documentary in which Sooyoung fumbled over her words and created controversy by saying she wanted to be called an "artist" not an "idol", yet another scandal was  revealed about the girl group, Girls' Generation, however, this time, dealing with the Dancing Queen, Hyoyeon and her love life.
At the 5:09 mark of the video below, it can be clearly heard from Hyoyeon's cell phone a tune from the Korean 'Between' app, and if one isn't aware of what the Between app even has to do with Hyoyeon and dating, here's a small, brief hint:
The Between app is basically an app where couples can privately chat.

Who's the lucky man one might ask? Well, according to netizenbuzz, It's none other than the only-thought-to-be-in-K-Dramas-and-fairytales man Kim Jun Hyung, who's around 33 in American age, graduated from the University of Massachusetts summa cum laude, received 11 scholarships, interned at Dana-Farver/Harvard Medical Center, oversees all types of media and has traveled to over 50 countries in just a year while suffering from a life-threatening accident while being skilled in sports that I cannot even dream of even attempting.
Before I can even say anything about this (being that the man seems like the fucking reincarnation of Buddha, Oprah, Michael Jackson and everything else that shits on my utter existence) I'm just going to say, if this relationship is true and if that guy is actually that great, I'm extremely happy that Hyoyeon found that guy.
She's been through hell being that she's arguably the most talented in SNSD, but was pushed to the side and has always been one of the most famous members just because of her face (though her body is amazing). And seeing that she got a guy like this, she definitely came out a winner.

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