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Better late than never, only a few days ago, 2NE1's 'baddest female' CL released her solo debut music video ironically entitled 'The Baddest Female', featuring the Teddy, Big Bang's G-Dragon, Big Bang's Taeyang and much more. If you haven't watched the video, you can watch it below.

Before I start, let me just give a quick shout out to YG Entertainment
Dear, YG! Making everyone wait for the 2NE1 comeback even more was a great move! Dropping this song which really was pretty damn disappointing a supposed month before the girls comeback (knowing YG, it'll probably be a little longer)? That really just put the icing on the cake. You're really great, YG, you know that? Really great.
Best wishes,

The song
The song... hm... what do I say about the songIt was disappointing. It was a song that will get old after a while. It was average... at most. There were some parts of the song I liked, for example, the chorus wasn't half bad and neither was the part where she phonetically spelled "기집애" however, most other parts of the song weren't memorable, at all. Also, the bridge where she started speaking in English was really... no. I mean, "Not bad meaning bad, but bad meaning good"? Are you sure a two-year old didn't write those lyrics? And what is up with her mispronunciation? Is it on purpose or what?

Apart from that, I am probably one of the only people on the world who likes the part 'Do the unnie'. Sure, saying 'Do the older sister' is kind of weird but, of course, it kind of ties in with the dance.

The video
The video wasn't... bad, however, I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who was reminded of G-Dragon's - One of a Kind partially because of the part where she danced in the white room in that pimped-out sailor outfit. Also, I probably never saw CL look that good in any of their other videos. I liked all the outfit changes and more or less the whole video because it actually looked like time was spent in it. 

Nevertheless, I'm still kind of wondering where G-Dragon's pants went and why CL had that ugly as fuck grill in her mouth. She definitely was not working that, at all.

The dance
The dance was probably the best part about this solo debut, me, actually wanting to 'do the unnie' after watching the video.

To Sum It All Up
Though my hopes were up for this month being 2NE1's comeback, YG Entertainment instead went with releasing CL's solo debut, ultimately disappointing in song quality however, not in video or dance quality. If you're a fan of grills, One of a Kind and slurred words, you should definitely check out this video.

What did you think of The Baddest Female? Comment below!

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  1. Wow, that made me smile. Thanks a bunch!

  2. I've been an AKPF.. visitor for a while now but I think I'm going to permanently switch to your blog. I like the fact that even thought you point out the bad you also point out the good and you don't overexaggerate. I can't believe that for once I can actually read a non-biased article about the groups and soloists that I like without getting annoyed by how exaggerated the critics are for no apparent reason. Keep it up!


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