Posted by : KPopRanter June 14, 2013

Big Hit Entertainment's newest boy group, BTS aka Bulletproof Boy Scouts (weird meaning... I thought it meant 'Behind-the-Scenes' at first) as well as Bangtan Boys released their debut music video just a few days ago, Engrish-y entitled 'No More Dream' and performed by the 7 members of BTS, Jin, SUGA (wut?), V, JungKook, J-Hope (total stripper name), Jimin and Rap Monster (no, this is not a joke!), I really do encourage you to watch the video.

The song and music video actually aren't half-bad (although you can definitely tell they were trying as hard as they could to act like they had tough) and the Bangtan Boys will definitely be on the list of few rookie groups that I look out for.

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