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Baekhyun's hyung aka "Baekhyung" was holding one of the most memorable events in any person's life: his wedding. With the EXO members including Baekhyun tagging along, they were almost positive that everything would go perfect and as planned and Baekhyung would seal the deal with his bridegroom, riding off into the sunset and living happily ever after.

Little did they know, they were wrong.

Spouts of crazy EXOtics sprang from no where just to be able to see the guys, crashing a wedding and ruining a once in a lifetime opportunity that the newlyweds will never get back and having no remorse for their selfish deeds.

I really just can't right now. Nearly every single day it's in the news of yet another incident with an EXO sasaeng yet this one has got to be the worst by far. Not only are they targetting the guys but they're also targetting the guys' family members on the most important days of their life, this getting way too far. At this point, I just really can't think of any other solution for the sasaeng infestion than: 

1. Laws against Sasaengs, 
2. SM takes matters to their own hand and are harsh fucks or 
3. EXO disbands. I kind of feel bad since with barely even starting their career, they're already getting hated and stalked but well, there's nothing else left to do.

What do you think of the sasaeng wedding crashers and EXO's future? They're not gonna get rid of the sasaengs anytime soon so how do you think SM should handle it? Comment below!

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  1. Celebrities are public figures, NOT public property.

    It's completely insane that SM, a company which seems to attract the majority of the batshit crazy fans in K-pop, hasn't done anything to correct this extremely unhealthy culture of stalking and harassment. SM too often lets the crazy minority of fans run the show (just look at the whole 'Only13' SuJu mess).

    I feel so bad for the EXO guys. They seem like nice guys, and they really don't deserve to be treated like this.

  2. Restraining orders, I mean those exist, right?
    Or are celebrities exempt, what....?
    Or rehab, I like rehab better.
    So what's with the law. If I decided to crash a random person's wedding I would probably get a restraining order, a fine, and a few days in jail.

  3. EXO should disband. There is NOTHING worse then these crazy bitches coming to his brother's wedding and crashing it. Sasaeng fans have taken it too far. SM hasn't done anything (and probably won't), Inkigayo went as far as banning them from live shows, what else?

  4. the reason why SM seems to attract all the crazy fans is that they're the only company that lets or rather promotes for their fans to be that way. SM is never going to be harsh toward sasaeng fans because they are the big money.

  5. I really wish SM would do something about this... it doesn't matter whether they're minors or not, these crazy-ass bitches still need to be put into jail.

  6. Exactly! There's just nothing else to do!

  7. Restraining orders exist but I'm not sure if it would work like that. They'd have to get restraining orders on a lot of people and frankly, I'm not sure if they'd follow it in the first place.

    Rehab probably but they'd have to catch 'em first xD
    The South Korean law is flimsy. Crashing a person's wedding should be at the least harassment. In Amurrica, I could sue them for the wedding expenses and "emotional distress"aka gimme more money and get a few million. In Korea, you'd get sued for just saying malicious comments or photoshopping a celeb's head onto a naked body but if you stalk someone and give them period blood, it ain't nothin'.

  8. I don't even think there's any way of going back so I can see where you say disband. Even if they attempt to remove sasaengs, they'd still be there. I know Tao has complained numerous times on Weibo so that little stunt that EXO wrote shit down and complained about their sasaengs a few days ago isn't doing anything.

  9. Sm wont do anything because they don´t care about their feeling, they only care for MONEY! And as time passes EXO will be more successful and unpleasantly will have more sasaeng fans ¬¬


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