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The After School girls are back, this time, with their stripper-themed (all Playgirlz will hate me. You know it's true!) song, First Love. With the supposedly shirtless girls making various sex faces at the camera, the somewhat provocative bass, random screaming noises, dangerously short, tight and revealing outfits and of course, those poles, it's hard not to be reminded of a porno. Released on just a few hours ago, if you haven't watched the music video yet, please do so.

To be honest, after After School's Kahi "graduated" (aka got "too" old), I lost most of my interest for After School, my only remaining choices for a bias being Nana or Lizzy, and them not being near as fucktastic as Kahi. Likewise, After School's songs have dramatically lost their sheen after Kahi left, their last comeback, Flashback, being a load of shit and their most recent song, First Love, not being much better, either.

The Song 
The song is meh. It was boring and will definitely get old soon like most of After School's title songs save a few. The beginning sounded like a porno intro and during the second 'nana nana nana na~' part, was I the only one who heard that annoying and unneeded record turning in the background? Oh gosh, that was the worst part.

Nonetheless, the verses and the bridge are what saved the song. Of course, though they weren't exactly what I would call spirited, they weren't all that bad.

The video
The video was meh as well, it, just as like the teaser, a lot of girls pole-dancing and standing in variously-colored rooms making weird, sex faces except even worse. Obviously, the random "let's stare at the camera nervously!" close-up shots definitely didn't sit well with me. The pole-dancing was alright, but if you compare it to their other music videos, this video just looked... cheap. Like they didn't spend a lot on money of it. I mean, even their worse song, Flashback, seemed like they put in the extra buck to produce it, but this? This was just disappointing.

Are you thinking dirty thoughts? Yes, yes you are.

Additionally, I just want to mention I wish Lizzy was pole-dancing, too. 

The Dance
The dance was basically the pole-dancing... and it was alright as stated above. 

To Sum it all Up
Honestly, my hopes weren't that high for After School in the first place, and not to my surprise this comeback was nothing but disappointing, anyway. If you get turned on from constipated faces, Raina trying to be sexy but failing and then the rest of the After School girls pole-dancing, definitely watch the video. However, if you're looking for something to jam to for the next few weeks, definitely don't expect much from the song.

I'll leave some Nana to brighten the mood.

What do you think of After School's First Love? Comment below!

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  1. Agreed this was disappointing... The was just dull and had no "it" factor. It was more like okay we have to do something so lets perform and go.

  2. yellowslugreviewsJune 16, 2013 at 11:21 PM

    Is it weird that I pretty much agree with everything you said and yet I like it? I'm probably going after much lowered expectations from 'Flashback' and the lack of Kahi anymore (waaahhh) but I dug this as a video (for reasons that are probably shallow).

  3. "For reasons that are probably shallow"
    tsk tsk, I'll just leave it at that.

    Anyway, I can understand why you, or anyone, would like it. Ultimately, the song, wasn't immensely bad or inaudible. Maybe just because I have high standards and wish After School went back to their Ah!, Bang, Diva days rather than start pushing towards these concepts with Flashback and First Love.

  4. I thought the video was awesome :3 so do a lot of other people ^///^'> you guys are just jello of their skills :D

  5. No... I'm wondering why most idiots in the K-Pop fandom use "jealous" as an insult. There's nothing with being jealous involved, it's just not liking it.


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