Posted by : Jasmine Cornejo June 08, 2013

Only a few days ago, EXO released their new album entitled XOXO, Kisses being the Korean version of the album and Hugs being the Chinese version. Because I was amazed at how good the album is, I decided to create a full album review of their comeback album XOXO and if you have not yet listened to the album, you definitely should because I promise, you won't be disappointed.

First off, I didn't really like the title track Wolf as much as all the other songs which make the album worth having. Second, there are numerous pros and cons to this album and I will decode all of them out of the kindness of my heart.

Kisses Version (EXO-K) Korean Version

Ill start with Kisses, the Korean version. I really loved the album but after hearing D.O in Baby, don't cry, I am still a bit iffy about his high notes. Let Out The Beast is great, it being like a dancing and I-just-don't-care mood.  BabyPeter pan and My Lady will sweep you off your feet . I really loved Baekhyun's voice and it certainly stuck out amongst the rest. And even though I pefer EXO-M over EXO-K, I enjoyed the album of EXO-K. 

                                                   EXO-K XOXO:  Album Highlight Melody


What I don't understand is why stupid SM Entertainment put three of the same track Wolf.  In a way it would be a rip-off to get the album only to hear the same shitty song Wolf, over and over again but the other nine songs are worth the spend. 

Hugs Version (EXO-M) Chinese Version

I have to say I really loved the Hugs version. Though Kris still needs to work on his rapping, Tao has gotten better much better. Also, it also looks like Lay  and Luhan got better in vocals. I was actually surprised with My Lady and Peter Pan and when I heard Xuimin sing a bit. Black pearl was breath-taking I was amazed at the melody of this song. It had sort of a Shrillix/ Dance-Pop kind of beat. 

I feel the same as Kisses version of the album. I see it bit of a waste of money because the face they have Wolf track on there three times in the album. I really thought the first track would be an intro to the album but sadly it was a repeat.

EXO-M XOXO: Album Highlight Melody

To Sum it all up

Overall, the album is worth listening to. Despite hearing Wolf multiple of times on this album and the somewhat bad rapping of EXO-M's Kris, I can come to like the album. If you are a huge EXOtic then I would consider you purchasing the album. And though there could have been more good tracks added, I have come to love the album very much.

Which version do like better Hugs or Kisses? Comment below!

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  1. Um.... Hugs is the Exo-M's version and Kisses is Exo-K's version

  2. Wow.
    I didn't write this post but you are DEFINITELY right.

  3. Its cool no worries :)


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