Posted by : Jasmine Cornejo June 07, 2013

Recently, Rainbow came out with their new summer hit Sunshine's music video, the whole comeback album being part two of their previously released album Syndrome. If you have not checked out the summer fun, you can watch the 3 and a half minutes of fun below!

The Song
I thought the song was really good. It had a cute yet I-want-to-boogie melody. Though I never really liked Rainbow, I was left a really good impression of them and the song actually fit them quite well. The song, I have to say, is addicting and surely it is just right for summer fun. 

The video
I loved the video and how it looked like it was just them having fun, not to mention, the guy was hot too. I found it actually kind of funny when they saw the guy's picture and the guy was right next to them. Their acting was hilarious and I really loved it, too how they went from cute to sporty and not just stayed on one thing. They really did a good job with the video and song . 

The Dance 
The dance, although it is pretty cute and fun, is very easy and simple. I really did like the dance it went along well with the song.

To Sum it all Up 
I really think I could get used to this song. The song is cute but it does have that summer spark I have been looking for. I really loved the outfits, as well, and despite me hating cute concepts, I really enjoyed the song . 

What do you guys think of Rainbow's Sunshine MV? Comment below!

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